These Jacket+Bookmarks put a huge smile on my face. An idea by Igor “Rogix” Udushlivy who tought it would be great if we can use dust jackets and bookmarks together to create a unique image of a paper book.

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  1. It would be fun to start swapping these pieces for new titles.

    Moby Dick + Little Prince = Pinocchio

    Robin Hood + Shot = The Biography of Harold Edgerton
    (you know, the dude who figured out how to photograph
    the bullet-through-the-apple shot)

    Sunset + Nautilus = Das Boot

  2. LOVE this.

  3. This a fantastic!

    I’d love to buy these, or hope that this idea gets picked up by some book publishers in the future!

  4. i absolutely adore the Sherlock Holmes one!

  5. So fun. Thanks for posting this one, T.

  6. WOoooooooowww amazing!!!

  7. absolutely creative and brilliant. my only gripe is he used the foot mark for the apostrophe in “Alice’s”.

  8. Awesome idea. Love the colors and applied texture.

  9. made me smile too!

  10. this is definitely an “i wish i thought of that” idea!

  11. Reallllly nice! My favourite? Alice and the bunny ears ;-)

  12. How Brilliant! Thanks for for making me smile.

  13. ahhhhh I love this! so amazing.

  14. Bravo! Adore this concept. Really well done!

  15. absolutly great, love it…

  16. Brillant – what a fantastic creative – thanks for sharing!

  17. wow..great idea :D

  18. very playful. love it! :-)

  19. How do we buy one?

    And, do one of “The Hobbit”, with maybe the dragon as the bookmark.