Question for my readers: Letterpress Studios

Two days ago I put out this tweet asking for Letterpress studio recommendations:

A lot of my twitter followers asked to share the responses I got. So here they are. Feel free to add more in comments below.

Studio On Fire, Minneapolis
The Mandate Press
Skylab Letterpress, Kansas City
Earl Kallemeyn, Brooklyn
Coeur Noir, Brooklyn
The Mandate Press, Salt Lake City
LetterPressLove, South Dakota
Brown Parcel Press, Athens and Brooklyn
Peter Kruty, Brooklyn
Gilah Press, Baltimore
Letterpress, Austin Texas
Cranky Pressman, Salem OH
Sideshowpress, Charleston South Carolina
Lead Graffiti, Newark Delaware
EM Letterpress, New Bedford MA
Precious Bugarin
Wolfe Editions, Portland Maine
Black Stone Press, Vancouver
Boxcar Press, Syracuse
Bowe House Press, Richmond VA
Pointed Press, Swarthmore PA
Two Paperdolls, Wayne PA
Kyle Van Horn, Baltimore
Cinnamon Kiss Paper Studio
Moontree Letterpress, Brooklyn
Haven Press Studio
Mamas Sauce
Clean Wash Letterpress
Lucky Duck Press

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  1. Thank you for this list!
    Even though I am based in the UK, it’s still good to know that letterpress is still very much alive.

  2. Cordes Printing

  3. seesaw designs:

    they are young designers with style and courage. check them out!

  4. My dear friends at Swayspace in the Brooklyn.

  5. Lunar Caustic Press in Toronto is also worth adding to your list.

  6. Double Happiness Design on the lower east side, made our project sing and got us a mention on the Mohawk blog:

  7. Here’s another brooklyn one, close to our neighborhood:

  8. or Great Shop, Great People, Great Stories in Downtown Knoxville, TN

  9. Lucky Duck is in Brooklyn. Their Etsy site is great for ordering, but their regular site is here:

    I had an order I was very particular about and they were patient and helpful through the whole process.

  10. Rohner Letterpress / Chicago –

  11. Matter Studios in Denver, Colorado

  12. Bowne and Company

    South Street Seaport…..

    And to add to it… He is featured in The Times mag…

  13. Running Doves Press in Delano. (Wichita, Kansas.)

    @runningdoves on Twitter.

    Bonus: ask about the local history behind the name.

  14. Thanks for sharing! Looks all of them are good letterpress but user experience would be appreciated.

  15. Tiny Prints
    We use William Arthur Letterpress for all our cards

    on twitter at @TinyPrints

  16. I’ve heard great things about Steracle Press in Chicago, Illinois —

  17. Linda & Harriett (Brooklyn, NY)

  18. I had my cards printed at the nomadic press.
    Saint Paul, MN

  19. Hammerpress in Kansas City.

  20. I third the Steracle Press recommendation. Stacey is awesome and does an amazing job. Very close attention to detail.

  21. Wildflower Letterpress in Chicago is good if you want to go with the little guy.

  22. As a printer myself, I’m endlessly amazed by how MANY printers there are right now – so fantastic! Go us!!

  23. Hatch Show Print – Nashville, TN – est. 1879

    Since they’re affiliated with the Country Hall of Fame, they don’t have their own website… but below is their contact information. This is a wonderful press and they still use a lot of the original blocks. Not sure if they would do cards, but it’s worth a shot =)

    Hatch Show Print
    316 Broadway
    Nashville, TN 37201
    [email protected]

  24. Hatch Show Print, like Sebowe said, is a great shop worth checking out.

    The (famous?) Yee-Haw Industries is an amazing shop in downtown Knoxville, TN.


    They did both of my birth announcements. The husband and wife team are really awesome people.


    Igloo Letterpress in Worthington, Ohio is fantastic! I use them for all my cards and invitations and Allison has been so great to work with!

  27. elevate press in ann arbor michigan too. husband and wife duo, beyond awesome people!

  28. THE BEST PLACE: THE ARM in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

  29. A little far for you, but my friend runs in the LA area (specifically, Pasadena) here in California.


    up the valley from Vancouver, British Columba


    Porridge Papers in Lincoln Nebraska.
    (In addition to excellent letterpress printing, they make nice paper too!)

  32. Hound Dog Press, Louisville KY

  33. ThirdBay Letterpress in Petaluma, CA is great.

  34. I also have to mention my good friend Mary at Typecast Press. in Baltimore.

    I’d mention Gilah too, but they made the initial cut already (and the Metropolis mention didn’t hurt either).

  35. Olive Route in Berkeley, CA

  36. May Day Studio, Montpelier, VT

  37. I visited Vahalla Studios in Kansas City the other day, and their work is solid.

  38. Workshop ( letterpress studio in London.

  39. See my friend Judith Berliner at in Grass Valley, CA.

  40. My wife and i do letter press printing…

    We’re based in Orange County, CA

  41. Bjorn Press in Provo, UT (801.377.1310) – he’s absolutely meticulous in his printing. You might find faster turnaround or lower prices, but you won’t find better quality anywhere else. I’ve worked with Bryce for well over 10 years and he’s always done a fabulous job for me and my stationery business.

  42. yeah you should definitely use skylab cause there awesome

  43. I’m a fan of a local Raleigh shop called Officina Briani.

  44. Horton Tank Graphics in Hadley MA, run by Art Larson, who trained by printing for Leonard Baskin.

  45. The finest :: Peculiar Pair Press

    San Francisco/New York

  46. Jessica of Springtide Press here in Tacoma is the awesomest.

  47. Hi all,

    Are there people from Europe who know recommendations for letterpress printers in the continent mentioned??


  48. An adress in Switzerland? Here is the best:

  49. Hi Dedeen,

    Thanks! It’s not around the corner, but closer than NY!!


  50. Genghis Kern is letterpress & design shop out of Denver that’s fantastic.

  51. Awesome wood type and some great presses at Dock2 Letterpress in Rochester, NY

  52. Two recommendations from a sage print production manager:

    I second David Carter’s Full Circle Press referral. Judith printed all of the business papers for TLG, a large design studio I used to work for. Gorgeous work with conscientious long-distance service (she in CA, we in WA).

    I can’t say enough great things about Evolution Press in Seattle, They are printers, not designers. In addition to letterpress printing, they do quality foils, embosses, and die cuts. They also have offset equipment, so you can get that sweet combo of full floods or 4-CP + letterpress printing. Can’t beat that.

    Check out this AIGA invitation Evolution produced for my friends at Turnstyle Studio:


  53. You might also be interested in the Letterpress DIrectory published on Mohawk’s Felt & Wire blog,

    And if you’re a letterpress printer who’s not listed there, you can request to be added!

  54. Oblation Papers, PDX as someone previously posted. I know the paper maker (old school handmade) personally and I assure you the paper is AMAZING. I’d also recommend KeeganMeegan Letterpress and Bindery:

  55. swissmiss hat mal wieder das ohr an der schiene: wir hatten die suche nach einem produzenten für eine kleinauflage letterpress-karten in deutschland schon aufgegeben.

    hier in den comments gefunden: / düsseldorf


  56. Martin Schröder in Berlin:

  57. here’s another one to add to the list, in Brooklyn!
    Sesame Letterpress


    Jason Riffaterre specializes in artist collaborations, but beautifully prints the more prosaic stuff (invitations, business cards, etc.) as well.

  59. Twin Raven’s Press. Beautiful work, reasonable prices.

  60. Shew Design, a great letterpress and design shop in Bellingham, WA.

  61. Repeat Press around the corner from my studio is great! He’s been getting a ton of press lately in Boston and a nice video of his work was just on Highsnob/Selectism (


  62. i’m shocked no one mentioned philadelphia based studios!!

  63. Satsuma Press in Portland, OR do a great job.

  64. My friend Paul already mentioned us… but i thought i’d drop a line and say hello. We are Dock 2 Letterpress in Rochester, NY. or @dock2lettrpress on twitter. We specialize in hand set typography and letterpress printing and finishing. we have 11 presses on our shop floor, come for a visit.

  65. oh… they are in Brooklyn, NY


    Portland, Oregon

    One press, one cutter, one person! Great for smaller runs!

    xo Angie

  67. Satsuma Press, Corvallis, Oregon. Beautiful, beautiful work.

  68. On a different continent but I’m Studying at LCC in London. One if the biggest letter press studios in Europe here :).

  69. Alrighty lets put it out there – anyone know of one down in Aussie or New Zealand – bit far from the states but still would love to get something done down this side of the world…

  70. Haven Press Studios in Brooklyn, NYC


  71. SeeSaw does letterpress too! And we’re typography lovers so our letterpress type is super crisp and our quality is generally impeccable :)

  72. MAMAS SAUCE hands down provides immaculate work. It is not only the quality of the print, but the quality of the service.

  73. Vertallee Letterpress
    in Austin, TX

  74. Dexterity Press
    Chicago, IL

  75. The Sherwood Press does custom work, the only online presense I could find was their Etsy shot and a Facebook business page.

    Olympia, WA

  76. I was very happy with Mandate press, who you have on your list already. Very friendly service and they provided beautiful cards that looked exactly like I expected, delivered precisely on time!

  77. Paper Boat Studios!!

    website is under construction, but contact information is available.

  78. impressiona – feinster letterpress
    by Hülswitt 1842
    Düsseldorf, Deutschland

    Nettes junges Team von Designern und Druckern, das sich auf edle und hochwertige Hochzeitskarten im Letterpress spezialisiert hat. Aber sie drucken auf Anfrage auch Visitenkarten (meine zum Beispiel…)und anderes – einfach fragen!

  79. Honeybird fine letterpress cards
    I live in Zürich and ordered my wedding invitations at Honeybird in Hamburg / Germany. Just love their designs and letterpress expertise. Really different to many other letterpress shops.

    – forgot to mention the webpage…

  81. Gwyneth Paige {Couture Letterpress} – Grand Rapids, MI –

    Pistachio Press – Rochester, NY –

    42Pressed – Tampa, FL –

  82. Papillon Press prints letterpress wedding invitations and other letterpress stationery.

    We specialize in custom illustrations and design but can print your designs too!

    Visit our site for a custom quote or to order samples! :)

  83. Reliance Press, Grand Rapids, Mich.

  84. Vote for quality! Vote for craft! Vote for Letterpress!

    And check out InkerLinker and Ladies of Letterpress on FB – great resources!

  85. Swift Printing & Communications
    Grand Rapids, Mi

  86. Dallas, Texas: Inky Lips Press

    Waco, Texas: BlackHare Studio

  87. I am qualified to do printing of any kind on a letterpress

  88. Hitchcock Press
    “Paper City” Holyoke, MA
    Visit us on facebook!