Tea Sub

The TeaSub submerges tea leaves to the bottom of your cup, creating the perfect infusion of your favorite brew. I have feeling this would turn our little Ella Joy into a tea drinker.

UPDATE: You can pre-order it here.

(via @kylestanding)

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  1. ahah fantastic, a good chance to sing “Yellow Submarine” while drinking tea. =)

  2. oooh, seriously? It’s to adorable. I can’t stand it. I have to look away…

  3. now where is that purchase button…

  4. where can i buy this?

  5. Please tell me where I can buy this…

  6. They have so many wonderful products…but where is the add to cart button? What’s the point of an adorable store w/no way to buy things? :-P

  7. I am seriously getting one of these—and a clear glass tea mug too, otherwise it’s not worth it.

  8. What a great idea! Where can I get some?

  9. This is the dumbest website ever. How the hell am I supposed to buy anything?

  10. Very interested in the Tea Sub – can you send more information? Philomena – http://www.leavesoftea.com – Leaves Of Tea, LLC

  11. concerned about the plastic that it is made out of. . .i avoid plastics in general and especially with food & drinks and most especially with food & drinks when heated!

  12. This is amazing! I would like to know where to purchase it too. The company is based in Israel according to their site. I don’t think you can buy it in the states. Too bad. They would have business!

  13. Swiss Miss is a popular Hot Cocoa brand. You are infringing on trademark laws and you call yourself a designer. Shame, shame.

  14. Who want’s plastic chemicals leaching into their hot beverage? There is a reason they don’t make tea balls and tea diffusers out of plastic.

  15. its made of silicone. seriously, know what you’re talking about before you say anything… silicone is heat safe, its almost always NSF certified actually

  16. we all live in a yellow submarine

    a yellow submarine

    a yellow submarine…

  17. hey, I wanna have it! Could I buy it; where I`ll get it? greets

  18. @ Gem: who says that the Brand Swiss Miss isn’t violating copyright laws themselves by calling themselves Swiss? I fail to see what really is Swiss about them. In Switzerland they might get problems if trying to sell their products because Switzerland has been taking those things more seriously during the past few years. While the owner of this site is actually Swiss.

  19. >who says that the Brand Swiss Miss isn’t violating copyright laws themselves by calling themselves Swiss?

    You can’t trademark the name of a country. It is a common name. You can’t trademark a common name. You can however trademark a specific combination’s of names, like Swiss Miss. And we are talking trademark, not copyright laws here. Obviously you don’t know the difference and are unfamiliar with the laws so your opinion on this issue is moot.

    >While the owner of this site is actually Swiss.

    Really? That is your argument? Really?

    As far as it being silicone – silicone has not been proven any safer than BPA plastics. Good luck convincing tea drinkers that plastics OR rubbers in their tea are a good thing.

  20. where can i bought that beautiful yellow submarine? PLEASE TELL ME!

  21. I am by far not an expert about legal issues, the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property should be however, so I trust their opinion if the write about the brand “Swiss” and violations of its use. https://www.ige.ch/en/legal-info/frequently-asked-questions/gesetzgebungsprojekt-swissness/e-wirtschaftliche-aspekte.html
    While it might not be a legal violation to call something Swiss which isn’t it is certainly something which is seen as a problem and violation of the Brand Switzerland (yes we call it that) in Switzerland. My first comment wasn’t that serious, I just wanted to jokingly refer that the Cacoa brand Swiss Miss themselves maybe weren’t 100% ethical correct when they call themselves Swiss Miss undoubtedly they want to evoke an association of their product whith Switzerland because Switzerland has a good image concerning Cacoa product while not being Swiss at all.
    Sorry about the confusion of trademark and copyright laws but since I am a Swiss Miss as well English isn’t my native language so things like that happen especially if I write not meant to be taken soo serious replies to silly comments.

  22. oh my gosh i think everyone should have one ….. where can i get one???????

  23. this is sooooo creative!!!

  24. i miss vancouver. great way to do viral video imo.

  25. again! how to buy????

  26. The holes are small, probably not super functional. Cute, though.

  27. There are only a few small holes. Probably not super functional. Cute, though.

  28. You can pre-order at Utility – http://www.utilitydesign.co.uk. Very cute.

  29. bought this cool item here :

    very cool item.
    tried to order another one for my sister but it’s already out of stock
    and should receive it around the 18th.
    Love this item!!!

  30. Just saw that FredFlare sells them: http://bit.ly/cRd422

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  32. Great Idea. Very funny. Love it.

  33. Yeah, always remember the yellow submarine song when drinking tea.