Tips For Better Ideas

(via my commenter babel tower)

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  1. writing a story. feeling pretty unmotivated. this popped up on my rss and i think i can finish it now. super awesome! thanks!

  2. …not to say wonderful. :D

  3. just great

  4. I can safely say that was the most creative video I have ever seen

  5. great inspiration : thanks

  6. Thanks for sharing this. Compelling, brief, modeling the strength of perspective taking. Sharing!

  7. Yay, my alma mater!

  8. awesome … true facts to remember when you do research :)..


  9. Fantastic!

  10. here is the names behind this video made for the langara college ( ):

    Advertising Agency: Rethink, Canada
    Creative Directors: Ian Grais, Chris Staples
    Art Director: Rory O’Sullivan
    Writer: Simon Bruyn
    Designer: Rory O’Sullivan
    Producer: Anne Rubenstein
    Photographer: N/A
    Illustrator: Rory O’Sullivan
    Studio Artist: Chris Neilsen, Taran Chadha
    Aired: January 2010

  11. OK I’ve watched it 15 times now and still smile every time. This is brilliant. I’m forwarding it to all my writing students and my book art chums. Thanks for creating this art and sharing it with us.

  12. Excellent! I should watch it every day as an “opening excercise”.

    My husband is an art teacher. I’m forwarding this to him to show in his classroom.g

  13. Do you know the name of the band/song in this vid?

  14. Brilliant… Thank you very much for sharing… I should watch it everyday…

  15. absolutely blown away by this – thank you for sharing!!!!!

  16. The music is by Chris Serravalle, a Langara Electronic Music Production student. His website is:

  17. Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!

  18. The video is not working anymore!!! can someone please re-link, I havent been able to see it. thanks!

  19. I replaced it with a vimeo link.

  20. Excellent. Will add to my blog as well!

  21. I agree very creative idea…thanks for sharing…we always need something new and inviting

  22. Thankx for the jump start-