Unhappy Hipster

Today’s unhappy hipster post/caption made me laugh out loud. Unhappyhipster.com has been heavily mentioned on twitter over the past few days and I am dying to know who the brilliant copy writer is behind it all. I can simply *not* understand why the creator would stay anonymous. This ist is by far the most brilliant copywriter self-marketing tool I have come across in a long time.

Dear unhappyhipster-copywriter-genius, reveal yourself and accept my hat tip!

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  1. Thanks so much for the tip! Love it :)

  2. :-)
    die anonymität hängt eventuell damit zusammen, dass der autor/die autorin keine rechte an den bildern hat, zu denen er/sie textet.
    manche fotografen/designer/architekten wären vielleicht nicht so humorvoll.

  3. When I read Unhappy Hipsters… it makes me wish I was much much more witty.

  4. very funny

  5. Awesome. Betcha it’s an editor at Dwell.

  6. woooow. this is freakin’ genius and hilarious.

  7. dittto on jessica’s comment – was about to saw exactly the same thing
    regardless, someone at dwell / whoever it is deserves the hat tip!!

  8. the captions for these photos are priceless. Such an amazing blog!

  9. that was really good industrial design ever, i never ever seen this type of web before

  10. LOVE IT. Really made me smile. Thank you

  11. Completely funny blog. But it bothers me that it’s mis-named… those aren’t hipsters. *These* are hipsters!!! http://www.latfh.com/

    Who are those unhappy people featured in Dwell? Some form of Gruppie ( http://nymag.com/news/features/16529/ ) with money and a design degree?!!?

  12. Agreed! Too funny not to share whose brilliant idea came up with this!