Just discovered Minimalissimo, a blog that celebrates minimalist aesthetics. Sites likes Minimalissimo make me happy. Period.

(via @max)

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  1. Oh, the site got swissmiss’d – unreachable.

  2. unreachable is the ultimate minimalism.

  3. Hi all, this is Maarten from Minimalissimo. We’re trying to get the site back up. Swissmissed ;-)

  4. Sorry to have taken the site down, Maarten! ;)

  5. Kudos to Dani for that hilarious comment, seriously!

  6. Thank you swissmiss, from all the way over in New Zealand. Minimalissimo is my new second-favourite website. Every time I visit swissmiss, my Evernote goes into overdrive – every second post is a STUNNER.
    Love what you do!
    (Fancy! is my own little NZ-focused design blog – we have some amazing talent here…)