These photos have me mesmerized. VEASYBLE is a project by four lovely italian ladies. Read more about them, in italian, here.

(via isabelleoc)

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  1. this reminds me a little of jennie pineus cocoon concept design…

    The Cocoon—A Traveling Space

    As a graduation project at a design school in Stockholm, a piece of furniture to be used for retreats in the public space was exhibited. It was named ‘The Cocoon’ and was a reclining chair covered with a bubble-like construction made out of cloth and steel. The exhibition was a starting point for a number of journeys. In the years to come, the Cocoon reached museums, exhibition halls, newspapers and magazines throughout the world. In this article, we track the travels and illustrate the transformations of the Cocoon. We seek to understand spacing activities behind the travels and view the travels from a spatial perspective focusing on the relation between transportation and transformation, of emptiness, form and content.

    Key Words: Cocoon • empty space • transformation • translation • transportation • traveling space • spacing

  2. Hey, thanks for the link, have been reading your blogs for years now! x