You Dropped Food on the Floor. Do You Eat It?

You Dropped Food on the Floor. Do You Eat It? Made me laugh!

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  1. Hmmm. I just use the five second rule,
    — Axle

  2. Five Second Rule is the best

  3. Are you a Megalosaurus?
    Why yes, yes, I am.

  4. Is it bacon?!!!!

  5. all hail bacon!

  6. There needs to be an “Is it goopy?” in there.
    Also – “are you outdoors?”

  7. Lol. Of course, self-respecting foodies would add a column: If you are Julia Child, laugh it off: Pick, brush, eat!

  8. “Are you a Puma?—–>>>EAT IT!” Hilarious!

  9. @Jeremiah @ Josh

    Is it bacon? —–> Yes.

  10. so funny – thank you!

  11. o ho ho ho – I should get this for my boyfriend. (He once kissed me and I remarked that he tasted like candy. He then told me, gleefully, that he’d eaten a sweet he’d found on the pavement. I was NOT IMPRESSED.)

  12. hahahahaha! did your cat lick it???

    my boyfriend, a high school econ teacher, is now using this to explain decision-making in a market…hahaha. thank YOU!

  13. Very very funny – thanks for sharing!

  14. @helena: you’re still with this bf? ewwwww…

  15. The Five-Second-Rule applies to EVERYthing!

  16. Hilarious! This just brightened my morning :)

  17. I will live by this diagram from this day on.

  18. HAHAHAHA the all important question:

    “Did anybody see you?”


  19. love it. had to post it as well to share with the world hehe :-)

  20. they forgot the, can it be washed n then eaten again :P

  21. hahahaha! as long as it ain’t wet or sticky, i’d eat it. just saying.

  22. i can’t stop laughing.

  23. bacon always wins

  24. This was very funny, esp. since I just recently thought about asking the same question myself! Now I have an answer. :)

  25. 10 second rule at home, 5 seconds anywhere else

  26. Nice. We did a chart like this back in 2008:

    but the one you’ve linked to here is much more clever and to the point.

  27. Would you ever consider offering a high definition of that chart, think it would look great in my kitchen

  28. I linked to this and one of my peeps pointed out there needs to be an “Is it chocolate” branch with the same logic as the bacon…..

  29. hello! just dropped by to say hello. Hello!

  30. absolutely wonderful. :)

  31. Inspired! I love it :)

  32. wow this person has way too much time on their hands…perhaps they should start a blog….

  33. I always love these types of flowcharts. I think human could not develop computers and technology if they did not understand how to use flowcharts.
    Most of the time I do not eat it.