Design Quotes Display

Alex Giron put together a design quotes display system that can be used as a screensaver. Head over to and take a look for yourself. Mac users can use IdleWeb, a nice little app that allows you to set up any webpage as your screensaver. Just make sure you set it up in “kiosk” mode within the screensaver options.

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  1. Nice but too bad he used Arial!

  2. Thanks Cagraphico

    You will only see arial if you are on a windows machine. If you are on a mac you will see Helvetica Neue or Helvetica. Unless you have both of those fonts disabled.

  3. Oh i see, :) sadly im at work and they make me use PC’s but i’ll give it another look when i get home to my awesome MAC! :)
    thanks Alex.

  4. Awesome quote, every good designer should respect.

  5. Loving the quote!

  6. Here’s another cool project about quotes on design: They offer an API, which makes is pretty easy to embed random quotes into any website (see for example).

  7. it’s a rhetorical quote.

  8. I just found this today. Very nice, Alex, thanks!