Do Knot Forget

Do knot forget: Bluetooth® comes with every new Ford model.

(thank you liz)

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  1. Nice set of knots but this doesn’t work. ‘Do forget’

  2. I seem to naturally get these knots when I take my iPod out of my bag.

  3. Nice knots but i don’t like it, and im having a hard time getting the concept. In my opinion this is a fail.

  4. Isn’t Bluetooth wireless? What’s with the cables?

  5. Is that Sheetbend right?
    Looks like a square knot with a twist.
    I think it’s wrong

  6. So this ad is saying that because the Fords have Bluetooth, you don’t have to worry about your earphones getting in a knot when you get them out of your bag etc. SO you can forget about the knots, because you’ll be listening to your music on your car speakers wirelessly. No cable clutter.

    But who listen to their iPod on earphones while driving? I’ve never seen it. I certainly hope it’s not common.

    And the vast majority of iPods don’t even have Bluetooth. Just iPhones. So the use of iconic iPod earphone is misdirection.

    So while the knots visual is cute, it’s not completely relevant. Seems like a bright idea in search of an appropriate brief. Better suited to an ad for Bluetooth headphones or something like that.

  7. My earphones do all of these, at once, completely on their own. Every single day.

  8. Sort of clever, but confusing. I don’t know whether the ad is playing off the whole unplugged/wireless theme, or if it just misses the mark completely.

    I’m curious if Ford had to get Apple’s blessing to use their products?