Drawings by Marco Fusinato

Fascinating drawings by Marco Fusinato, investigating if there is a connection between sound, vibrations and physical reality?

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  1. yeah, Marco Fusinato is one of the best artists going around, have a look at his site for more; http://www.marcofusinato.com

  2. Yep I’ve been following Marco Fusinato for a while. He is absolutely BRILLIANT! Collect him now because these artworks are gonna increase in $$ for sure.

  3. I’d never seen this work before; these are really interesting. It always intrigues me to see music written down in the form of notation, it’s like another language without words.

  4. Saw some of his work at an exhibition at Monash University in Melbourne—interesting work w. incredible detail.

  5. Bravissimo come sempre, artista di grandi doti

  6. He has a print for $100 at this site http://thenarrows.org/ – check it out.