Finally a nice-looking co-sleeper: BabyBunk.

(great find, via minor details)

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  1. I bet you could make one of those out of a repurposed drawer and some foam. It would be really funny to see dovetailing on the corners and a handle in front. Like, “most the time we just put Junior in the chest, but we can remove the drawer if he won’t shut up.”

  2. We had one, loved it, but could not for the life of us unload it on Craigslist or Freecycle when we didn’t need it any more – too far ahead of the curve, I guess.

  3. I guess it’s beter than taking the baby withy you in the bed,
    but I prefere a nice baby bed with something detach on the railing or something….
    This one is better looking, and portable I guess:

  4. Wow, we need one right now !



  6. Well, my arm(s) tend flop out to the side of the bed. So, if ever wanting children this babybunk would be on the other side of the bed! :)

  7. My husband and I just made a co-sleeper inspired by the Culla Belly (that we first saw here on swissmiss) but it actually looks more like the BabyBunk which I had never seen until now!

    You can see pictures and our blog posts about it here:

  8. With my first daughter I decided to leave her in her room after 3 days of her live. To be honest: my husband didn´t stop looking at her the whole night. I think it was the best decision ever. Within just 4 weeks the baby slept about 7 hours a night.

  9. If you want to never sleep, then have your baby sleep in your room!

    Those little monsters SNORE.

    I think this idea is okay for hotels. But it’s pretty useless once your baby is old enough to turn over – the sides are way too low.

  10. great, I love it. Our little one is due in 3 weeks. I like this one much more than the little bassinet we used to have.