I’m Sorry

“ctrl + z, I’m sorry” letterpress card. Made me smile.

(thank you carly)

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  1. Nice, but I would need Command+Z… :-) and sometimes also Command+Q

  2. Wow, this is beautiful! Letterpress is so much nicer than just inkprint…I’m gonna consider it for my own future businesscard….

  3. Nice, but I would need ctrl+shift+insert.. :-) and sometimes also right click+paste

  4. This is adorable! Must offend someone, stat.

  5. All it needs is a broken heart behind it and we’ve got the perfect graphic designer break up/make up card.

  6. A whole of options there – Control + Alt + Delete, Control + Y, Control + X…..Lovely

    Jetsetting Joyce

  7. love it. although it’s command Z on a Mac :-)

  8. perfect name for a hangover pill… :)

  9. This is genius / adorable / awesome. Most certainly do want.

  10. you probably need more than one card for several undos in row… ;)

  11. Some things were meant to happen. You just got to learn to move on and not worry about undoing the past.

  12. “Nice, but I would need Command+Z… :-) and sometimes also Command+Q”

    count on the fanboys to make the first, idiotic comment. Clap clap, keepin’ true to form. I have a big punch in the face for you.

  13. “love it. although it’s command Z on a Mac :-)”

    No, it’s already correct. You’re just in the wrong place. Also, joke was already made previously, feel free to read before you post, fanboy.

  14. ⌘ + ⌥ + z to step backwards???

  15. The reason that this doesn’t have command+z is because the person who made it isn’t a faggot.

  16. really mac sucks? Are you five?

  17. Ah, comment threads.

    Keepin’ the web douchey.

  18. ha ha ha ha…”keepin’ the web douchey”. Classic.