Adobe Photoshop Cook

A video made in stopmotion for competition AdobeYouGC. The simulation of a tutorial which shows how to make butter cookies with the new Adobe Photoshop Cook!

(thank you rolyn)

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  1. What a creative video! I just love Adobe Photoshop Cook!

  2. Lots of effort for doing this! Thanks, had a blast. :D

  3. wow!!! I loove it!! This is awesome!
    Thanks for sharing Tina!

  4. Fantastic! loved it! Cookies look great too ;-)

  5. that’s stellar!

  6. Great! However so disappointed by the awful typeface at the end…

  7. So fun! I want to get home and bake some cookies now

  8. I love it soo much ^.^ Ah if only it were real! Baking + photoshop = awesome. I just love how all th emenus are hand drawn on card. Reminds me of the ‘Real photoshop’ image that was floating around a while ago. Good times!

  9. What does “Quanty” mean?

    Considering how long it likely took to make this, it astonishes me that they didn’t proofread carefully before shooting.

  10. This is just fabulous! I’ll be linking on

  11. It was a pleasant surprise to watch the response to each selection the “cursor” made.

  12. Delicious! Brilliant idea!

  13. love it love it love it. have to repost it. it’s cool! :-)

  14. Superb! Love idea!

  15. Absolutely fantastic!!!

  16. Ahahaha, that was so clever!

  17. outstanding …. now what app. to eat them with?

  18. First time leaving a comment on web in my life ever, wow`~
    Genius, entertaining, creative, and lots of effort!!!
    Great job!!! :)

  19. Great!