swissmister = Tilo Red Eisenberg

Some of you might have been wondering about the lack of posts this week. Here’s the 8lbs reason:

Please welcome Tilo Red Eisenberg a.k.a swissmister. Born on February 14th, 2010 at NYU Hospital in Manhattan. Yes, February 14th is Valentine’s day and the first day of the Year of the Tiger. (The little man sure made a bold statement with that date!)

Unfortunately things haven’t been smooth sailing and Tilo has been in the NICU (newborn intensive care unit) for the last 3 days and will have to stay until at least tuesday. It has been a humbling experience to say the least. Please, send some good energy so that he’ll be coming home with us next week. We are home! We are home! Yay!

And a big thank you to everyone that helped us with the name finding.

Yay for Tilo the Tiger!

(For those of you wondering on how to pronounce Tilo: You pronounce the ‘i’ just like in my name, Tina.)

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  1. Handmade love! Great!

  2. Sending positive vibes your way – our twins were in the NICU for a couple of weeks and, although it’s stressful, we knew they were in good hands.

    Much congratulations.

  3. Congratulations!

    What is the thought behind the name?

  4. Herzliche Gratulation und alles Gute und Liebe dem kleinen Tilo. Hoffentlich darf er bald zu euch nach Hause!

  5. Alles Gute für die gewachsene Familie!
    Ich wünsche ruhige Nächte und viel Ruhe zum eingewöhnen.

  6. Ah the tiger is tough! He is quite the adorable mister, sending good thoughts your way. <3

  7. Great photo Tina, congrats to the family : )

  8. I was in the NICU when I was born for 3 weeks (preemie) and all worked out well. Hopefully it will be the same for Tilo. What a cutie!

  9. Congratulations on the tiny tiger!

  10. love + warm + energy + ♥ = swiss-miss + swissmister

    un bebé hermoso!

  11. what a beautiful baby and a beautiful baby. Best wishes xxx

  12. Congratulations!!

  13. congratulations and welcome Tilo!
    [my daughter alice was also in the NICU (for 6 days) and now she is healthy and almost 4 :-)]
    sending a lot of good vibes to you from portugal, on the other side of the atlantic!

  14. Congrats and best of luck with little Tilo!

  15. Congrats and good thoughts your way.

  16. Hello Tilo! and congrats!

    Hope you all get to go home happily soon :)

  17. It’s also Oregon’s admission day. Happy birthday, Tilo!

  18. Oooooh, I suspected as much, but never for a Valentine’s day baby! What a beautiful name and baby, congratulations!

    Oh Tilo, the harder it is to start out, the stronger you’ll be when you grow up! Hang in there buddy!

  19. Congratulations!

    I’d explain people to pronounce it “Teelo” … or “Tealo” … wishing the little tiger all the best. Stay strong during this time!

  20. congratulations and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  21. Best wishes to you and Tilo and the whole family. He’s in our thoughts over here. Can’t wait to meet him!

  22. mazal tov and many warm wishes and good thougts from zurich!

  23. We are all sending great vibes your way. He is so cute (and the photo is terrific). Love the name.

  24. congratuations and good luck!

    i can imagine how he’s feeling: i was born in ’75 in the 30th week and had quite a fight myself

    but with your genes, this strong name and born in the year of the tiger, he’ll make it for sure home next week. we’ll pray for till

    “gring achä u dür䨔

  25. Best of luck to you, Swiss Miss. My wife and I have been in the same situation with our youngest. Not fun. Hang in there!

  26. that photograph is simply stunning and overwhelmingly moving. congratulations.

  27. Must be a lot of pain to see Tilo in NICU… All prayers and energy coming his way. Tilo is the ‘King of Love’ and wishing you and G the best. Lots of love.

  28. Give em hell, Tilo!

  29. ongratulations!

    I can’t wait to have a rockstar night with him!

  30. CONGRATULATIONS. I’m sending good vibes through my keyboard.

  31. Congrats!
    All the best dear swissmiss and swissmister Tilo!

  32. It’s hard to leave the hospital without your baby. My son was in NICU for 10 days. I know how it feels to have a big baby in NICU next to all those tiny little ones. ;) Congrats.

  33. Congratulations!

    May Tilo the Tiger grow big, and fearce, healthy and happy!

  34. Congratulations of course and best wishes for all!

  35. Congratulations

  36. beautiful!
    wishing you all the luck in the world, your whole amazing family, and tilo. <3 xx

  37. welcome swiss mistah!! we’re all send you love and health!! woo woo. nothing like a well designed baby. good job!

  38. Congrats! Sending well wishes to Tilo.

  39. All my love to everyone in your lovely family, Tina. xxxxxxxx’s

  40. Congratulations! What a wonderful name. Tilo Red

  41. PS: Here’s my gift: happy to offer a GIANT discount on my family documentary photography services. Check it out:

    On FB:

    (Hope you and everyone will become fans!)

    On the Internets:

    I’m totally serious, btw…. I think it would be great to take some early, narrative photos of your new family.

  42. Beautiful. Name and the whole *behind scenes*.

  43. Congrats Tina and Tilo! Sending good energy to swissmister!

  44. Congratulations! Sending all my very best wishes your way & hope lill Tilo will come home soon!

  45. What a perfect picture! He looks like Ella!

    He will be home soon. We’re all sending energy and love.

  46. Congratulations and only the best to the newly-formed quartet. Just show them what you are made of, Tilo!

  47. Welcome to earth Tilo! Congrats to the swissmiss family.

  48. What a doll! Congratulations =) Sending happy, healing thoughts to baby Tilo.

  49. Congratulations, wishing him, you, and all your family, love, health, and happiness.

  50. Congratulations and best wishes from a swissmiss fan in Chicago!

  51. Tilo the Tiger is a name to reckoned with. I’ve been holding my breath wondering when he would show up. What a powerful and auspicious birth day. Congrats — thinking good thoughts for a quick recovery.

  52. Congratulations!! Our little huey went into NICU so I know how you feel. Hope Tilo can come home soon!

  53. so sweet. congrats and i’ll be praying for little tilo tonight.

  54. Congratulations, it sounds auspicious for him to be born on Feb 14.

  55. Go Tilo, Go! Sending very good thoughts to that little one and to you too, TIna.

  56. Congratulations!!!! He’s a beautiful boy!

  57. so adorable :) warm wishes and congrats :)

  58. my (now) 4-year-old was kept in a few days, she was a little jaundiced. hope all is good with yr boy now and yrself – know all u want to do is get home and probably have a rest :)

    peace y’all

  59. Beautiful! Sending lots of happy thoughts your way!

    (My friends just had a baby boy on the 15th and he is in NICU as well, I guess it happens!)

  60. Congratulations!!!! Positivibes to you and your baby!

  61. How cute is that! Congratulations :)

  62. Best wishes and congratulations.

  63. So exciting! Congrats, he’s beautiful.

  64. i posted a comment earlier but it says it’s being held for moderation – perhaps because there were links in it and it got flagged as spam?

    in any event, i’d like to offer you a baby gift – a big-ass discount on my family documentary photography services. you can check it out on facebook by searching for ‘family documentary photos’ or by clicking on my name.

  65. he is adorable! congrats!

  66. congratulations… He is in good hands and he will be back home in no time ;)

  67. What a great photo! Congratulations and all the best to little Tilo. May his homecoming be soft and warm.

  68. tigers rule (i’m biased since i’m a tiger too)!! the middle name is so perfect too. get home soon, tilo!

  69. humbling indeed (we were back in the hospital within a day due to poor advice re: hydration).
    and it won’t be the last time.

    this adventure was “designed” by another entity. enjoy!!!

  70. What a beautiful little boy. Much love from Florida!

  71. such a strong little man! i was honored to hold him just as he turned one day old and i will be even more honored to watch this little man grow up. what a wonderful gift little tilo is! im so very proud to see him grow! xoxo

  72. Awwh, congrats, that date is awesome. I wish you luck with everything. :)

  73. He´s a fighter (crouching tiger?), and will get through this with ease. I believe the worst part, the mother lives it, instead of the child, so don´t get too hard on yourself. Good and happy life to you, Swissmister!

  74. beautiful.

  75. Congratulations Tina! And, welcome to the world Tilo! Wow! On the Chinese New Year day! You Rock!

  76. Congrats! Good vibes all the way.

  77. Amazing. All the best!

  78. This is a nice name for great looking little fellow. All the best, from far away Brazil

  79. Das Warten hat sich ja wohl sehr gelohnt!!! Ist der süss. Alles Gute und Liebe und viele ruhige Nächte.

  80. omygoshhhhhhhhhhh congratulations!!!! Tilo is a babelicious name! Lovvvvvve it! Tilo is a fighter’s name ;) All the best!

  81. Congratulations and all the best from sunny Crete. Love the name.

  82. Mazel tov!! Sending much strength and courage to Tilo, who, as a tiger, has more of those qualities than a mere human could ever need. xx

  83. Bienvenue Tilo! Très joli nom, je vous envoie plein d’ondes positives, et beaucoup d’amour, à vous 4!

  84. herzliche glückwünsche und alles gute für den kleinen Tilo!

  85. herzliche gratulation! drücke euch die daumen dass ihr den süssen boy ganz bald nach hause nehmen könnt! schicke euch ganz viel sonne aus zürich!!!!

  86. All the best wishes from Slovenia!

  87. wow! congrats Tina and G! He is the cutest! And the name is great!! Wish you guys all the best for his and your health!!

    Liebi Grüess us de Ferie usem Wallis,

  88. Congrats Tina, hope the little swissmister gets well and energetic soon!

  89. alles gute für euch!

  90. Benvindo ao mundo Tilo!
    Welcome to the world Tilo!

    All the love, health and happiness for you!!!
    And congratulations to your parents, they’ll learn a lot with you :)
    best wishes from portugal

  91. Congratulations – he’s beautiful! Hope you’ll be able to take him home with you soon. Lots of good thoughts from Copenhagen

  92. Congratulations. Hope he gets well soon! A Great name for a cute little tiger :)

  93. ~~~~~~~~ <3
    ~~~~~~~~ <3
    ~~~~~~~~ <3
    ~~~~~~~~ <3
    positive vibes to all the family an Tilo in particular

  94. I’ve been following your blog for a few months, and just wanted to post some congrats! Wish you the best!!

  95. In spanish, “Tilo” is an evergreen tree with deep roots. Live long.
    All our sunny and best energy from Spain.

  96. grow for it ;-) tiger

    our first went to NeoNatal Camp too on her first two (or 3?) weeks or so, it makes the special occasion even more special… but as you can see for my guestimation no longlasting traumas should be installed ;-)

    enjoy every moment… even/especially the bad ones (like ‘the one where he does not stop crying, day 17’), these moments get erased from memory even quicker…but one day you need hard evidence when he asks for the bigger car when het gets 16 ;-)

    very nice name play, Tina Roth Tilo Red, next can be Tiju Riojo ;-)

  97. Congratulations !

  98. Congrats! He’s adorable :D

  99. Lots of love and best wishes from us in the UK!

  100. OH he is just delicious. Sending good vibes your way for as brief a NICU stay as possible. Been there, never want to do that again.

    Well done!

  101. Congrats!
    What a beautiful name for a very beautiful baby. All my energy goes to you from down under! I was introduced to your blog from one of my sons (graphic designer living in London) I have another (graphic designer son living in Melbourne)
    You and your son are in great hands in the good old US of A
    So now you have someone from every continent sending love and energy to your family
    Take care

  102. sweety! greetings from Poland!

  103. …was für eine schöne überraschung!! gratuliere euch ganz herzlich zu eurem gesunden, süßen jungen tilo! gute heimfahrt und sonnige grüße aus berlin,

  104. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Tiger! Der 14.02. ist ein guter Geburtstag – ich spreche da aus Erfahrung ;-) Allerdings kam ich im Jahr der Ziege zur Welt.
    Ich wünsche euch alles Gute!

  105. welcome Tilo!!! congratulations <3

  106. All the best from sunny Switzerland to the new born Tiger. The force shall be with him! (denke an Tigerente / oh wie schön ist Panama…)

  107. Many kisses, love and light for Tilo the Tiger. I love it, he already has a strong nickname that will probably be his purpose in life. He is gorgeous and what a great photo.

  108. Welcome little man….Tilo <3

  109. Congrats and prayers are on the way.
    He is adorable!

  110. Herzlichi Gratulation und alles Gueti eu beidne!

  111. Congrats! And thumbs up for little swissmister coming home soon!

  112. Congratulations!! He is so cute!!! Hope everything be ok to you and your growing family!

  113. Big hug to you and your family. Tilo is such a little sweetheart. Like many other that have posted, my son spent his first week in NICU as well, and I know what you mean about it being a humbling experience. Just know we are all out here supporting you and sending good vibes.

  114. Congratulation and with best wish:

    O Thou peerless Lord! Let this suckling babe be nursed from the breast of Thy loving-kindness, guard it within the cradle of Thy safety and protection and grant that it be reared in the arms of Thy tender affection.

    – ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  115. Thuy to Tilo the Tiger: “Ta ta ta ta ta Da da da da da (drool drool)”.

    We all are thinking of you all. Can’t wait to meet Tilo.

    (P.S. Did the name come from the crowdsourcing experiment?)


  116. Tilo is so handsome!

    I love the name.

    Sending you the warmest wishes and positive thoughts all the way from sunny Arizona.

    Congratulations, I am delighted for you.

  117. Sending loads of warm wishes and happiness your way, swiss-family (:

    And I really like the name Tilo – sounds like a perfect fit for swissmister!

  118. From the Netherlands: gefeliciteerd!

  119. My congratulations and best wishes!

  120. congratulations from lisboa, portugal!
    wishing you all the best in this difficult first days. good vibes.

  121. Welcome Tilo… have a great ride on you life!

  122. He’s beautiful! Congratulations.

  123. excellent name, excellent birthday, excellent news :D

  124. Love, congrats en energy from Holland. Enjoy eachother. It’s a beautiful boy!

  125. congrats to all of you


  126. Just sending some good energy and positive happenings your way! :) thanks for the amazing blog! i saw you speak in portland a while back at W+K. LOVED IT! thanks again, and i hope everything turns out great! :)

  127. Hi Tina,
    We too welcomed a baby into the world on Valentine’s Day and she is a true SwissMiss – born here in Zurich! Congratulations on the birth of Tilo and I wish you all the best in the coming days.

  128. congrats!! wishing you all well!

  129. congratulations, all the best.

  130. Ah, he’s gorgeous!
    Congratulations to the swissmiss family’s wee addition!

  131. Congratulations! And some good energy so that little Tilo comes homes quickly!

  132. Congratulations to you Tina and all your family!! And welcome to the new swisster!! We had a half swisster (half persian) here too last December 1st. Growing up, not leaving dad much time for designing…but who cares about design then! ;)
    All the best!
    Rafael the swiss designer from the west coast ;)

  133. WOOOOW! Congratulations! Good Vibes from Mexico City for the Tiger!

  134. the best good energy for you guys!….congrats !

  135. Congratulations! Best wishes to you and the family!!

  136. Congratulations to the family! Wonderful name, too :)

  137. (((((((( healing vibes and bunny hugs to little Tilo!! ))))))))

  138. Congratulations!

    Thanks so much for letting us know! Much love to you all!

  139. Congratulations from Barcelona, spain.

    best wishes! =)

  140. congratulations, love, happiness and a lot of energy. I hope he will be healty enough to come home soon. Love the name. My 1 year old nephew has the same name and is an amazing boy!

    Lot’s of love to you all!

  141. What an amazing little tiger!
    Congratulations and all the best for the whole family!

  142. Oh my! Thank you *so* much for all your well wishes. (If only we could bottle up all that good energy and put it into Tilo’s IV. He’d be out of the hospital in no time! )

  143. wünschä öi nur ds allerbeschtä. liebi grüäss, mike.

  144. Adorable! Sending many wonderful thoughts to your whole family, especially the wee tiger!

  145. Made with Love…all else can wait.

  146. Congratulations! He’s beautiful, and I wish you all the best of luck and that he can go home with you soon.

  147. oh how beautiful he is! Congrats. Positive vibrations coming your way ************************************************************************************************************************************************************


  149. Congratulations Tina and G! Sending positively bold energy to bold Tilo! All the Best.

  150. Congratulations for your sweet little Swissmister, what a beautiful face. Sending lots of positive and wonderfully designed vibes your way.

  151. I’m so happy for you! Sending best wishes that he’ll be strong enough to go home on schedule, if not before.

  152. May his life be as sunny as this Sunday morning today in Athens, always healthy and content.
    I send you my good thoughts :)

  153. Herzliche Glückwünsche! Und ab jetzt wird alles gut mit dem neuen Leben! To Toi Toi!

  154. Welcome to Earth, Tilo. Congrats on choosing great parents, and a wonderful sister

  155. Oh how lovely he is!! Kung Hei Fat Choi to your little Valentine!! He’s grrreat!!

  156. Congrats Tina, and sending you guys lots of positive energy from Hong Kong.

  157. Beautiful baby!

  158. herzlich willkommen lieber tilo! ich bin mir sicher bei der vielen positiven energie ist er bald bei euch zu hause. ich wünsche deiner familie viele glückliche und unvergessliche momente in liebe und harmonie!

  159. Welcome Tilo!
    Wish you a very happy, healthy and beautiful life!
    I`m sending you lots of positive energies :)
    xo, Thili

  160. Welcome, Tilo! The world is a brilliant place–may you have a full and rich life in which to find all its mysteries and wonders.

    Best wishes to the Swiss Family Eisenberg! I hope everyone is home, safe and sound, very soon! Congrats!

  161. i wish you and little Tilo more than the very very best
    congrats ans positive thoughts to the whole family !

  162. Hey Tina!

    Schliess mich den vielen Glückwünschen an! Alles Gute euch 3! Ich wünsche dem kleinen swissmister viel Glück, Gesundheit und Erfolg in seinem noch anstehenden langen Leben!

    Liebe Grüsse aus der ‘immer wärmer werdenden’ Schweiz!

  163. What a wonderful creature,

  164. congrats and all the best for the cute little boy and your family!

  165. Welcome Tilo, congrats to Mom and Dad and lots of good karma to you all! :)

  166. Congratulations! I hope he feels better soon.

  167. Welcome little Tilo. Wellness wishes from Ireland.

  168. What a little bundle of joy. I’m sending you thoughts of blessings for your family!

  169. Oh, little adorable Tilo! CA is sending you strong energy to brave through your first days and make it home soon. Hugs and kisses!

  170. Congratulations and Welcome to Tilo! Hope all the best for you all. Hugs from Cameroon, where I follow you everyday. ;-))

  171. herzlichen glückwunsch!
    be strong little man!
    BBH from Berlin.

  172. Welcome to the world young master Swiss-Mister.
    We’re all wishing you well from the little southern Island of Tasmania.

  173. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum kleine Süßen, ich drücke euch die Daumen, daß ihr bald alle zusammen zu Hause sein könnt!

    Love from berlin

  174. Alles Alles gute dem Kleinen und überhaupt allen auch aus Wien!!!

  175. mazel tov!
    so cute!


  176. hey, congrats and all the best wishes :) what a great news!

  177. congratulations =) He is adorable!
    I hope you can bring him home soon!

  178. Alles bescht fuer’s neue baby und d’Familie.

  179. Congratulations – he is simply adorable! :)

  180. Oh what a delightful name xxx

  181. pleins de bonnes choses pour le petit tilo !! xx

  182. Congrats. I hope he get out of NICU (sounds like a cops show), soon. When I was born I was in NICU for 14 days and I ended up being a designer, so it’s not all that bad a start. Perhaps it goes some way to explaining my love of greenhouses though.

  183. Grow, little tiger!
    He’s such a “tchutchuquinho”. So cute!
    Congratulations mamy and dady!
    Best wishes for Tilo from Brazil!!

  184. Congratulations!!! Tilo is adorable and he looks like you!
    Good thoughts and prayers are being sent.

  185. Congratulations – he looks so cute! So häääärzig!

    Checked his chinese horoscope, actually he’s a double Tiger… and a Wood personally aswell. Generally speaking he will be a very strong personallity. We changed to the year of Tiger at 3. Feb, 23:48.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he can get home soon!

  186. Hi SwissMiss,
    I have been a regular silent reader of ur blog but today could not stop by without a comment and “Congratulations! May your baby be blessed,I wish him all the best ……..and he is CUTE….going to have a lot of G.F….”


  187. Herzlichen Glückwunsch und alles Gute und möge er möglichst bald schon durchschlafen! :-)

  188. Hallo Swiss Family,
    Congratulations on the newborn addition to your family!

    My little boy who turned 5 on February 13 spent the first 5 weeks of his life in NICU and he’s a very healthy, bright young boy now! I’m sending lots of his good energy your way now!

    Lieve, kleine Tilo!
    Welkom op deze wereld! Ik wens je een mooi en liefdevol leven toe. Heel veel zon op al je wegen!!!

    (Wishing Tilo in Dutch a life full of love and sunshine!)

    Groetjes from Belgium,

  189. Congratulations SM – sending happpy vibes to all 4 of you x

  190. lots of love to the new swissmister – may ‘this child be a masculine child’ lol – and may he be the next centuries best blogger!
    Love and energy all the way from India!

  191. Such a beautiful photo!!

  192. congratulations!! and a very heartfelt welcome to the swissmister! i’m sending many, many happy and healing thoughts to you and your little man from germany. i hope that he is able to come home to you happy and healthy this week.

    … and that is a completely, heartbreakingly beautiful photo.

  193. Congratulations and all the best.

  194. Here goes a ton of good vibes from Portugal!
    Welcome baby, welcome new mother.

  195. Oh we share birthdays! Welcome to the world little Tilo xx

  196. oh .. my he’s a beauty… congratulations and huge good vibes from Melbourne, Australia. Good luck. Good health to you all xo

  197. Oh so cute! What a sweet little boy! Congratulations to all four of you and I keep my fingers crossed that he may join you at home tomorrow.

    Strong and healthy vibes from Munich! :-)

  198. Die allerbesten Glückwünsche zu dem süßen kleinen Wurm : )

  199. Congratulations

    All the love and lucky of the world to him….

  200. a stunning little fella. may he grow up as positive and generous of spirit as you. he definitely looks like he’s ready to take on the world.

  201. Congratulations! All the best for the youngest member of the family too!

  202. Herzliche Gratulation zum süssen Knopf und alles Gute für die Zukunft! Ich wünsche schnell gute Besserung und hoffentlich kann er bald nach Hause!

  203. Congrats to the Eisenberg family!

  204. Congratulations! Sending Tilo ( and Mum and Dad) buckets of good energy : )

  205. Gratulation, ein großartiges Designprodukt: funktional, schön anzusehen, eine Menge joy of use und ausbaufähig ;-)

    Herzliche Glückwünsche aus Frankfurt von einem Blog-Leser, der in Zukunft Verständnis dafür hat, wenn die Blogbeiträge sich noch mehr um Kinderzeugs drehen oder etwas spärlicher werden.

  206. Welcome little tiger!
    Light and Love from Switzerland …

  207. Congratulations, and I’ll be sending positive vibes your way. …this is like extreme crowdsourcing: emotional support. 209 comments and counting, if you didn’t know you were well-loved before, realize it now!

  208. Tilo is a gorgeous name, and he’s an adorable little boy. Congratulations, and best wishes.

  209. Congratulations! I read this site daily (also I use teuxdeux) and I just wanted to chime in with my good wishes for your family and new addition! Enjoy every moment! :-)


  210. Welcome to the world little man. Stay strong and fight hard. Much love, wishes and prayers from PA. Congratulations on your new son.

  211. Congratulations & all the best to Tilo and his family!

  212. Congratulations! What a beautiful baby. Thanks for posting the photo. This really takes me back. My son is 16 now and 6-foot-5. Really miss the days when he was little.

  213. Bienvenue au très beau petit tigron Tilo !
    Félicitations aux heureux parents!

    Bon courage Tina!

  214. Alles Gute und Gesunde für euch!

  215. Congratulations Tina! May God continue to bless you and your growing family! :)

  216. Félicitation!

  217. congrats!

    “made me smile”

  218. Congratulations! Wish him to live an amazing life!

  219. Congratulations to the parents and welcome Tilo.
    Everything will be just fine. Good vibes from Portugal!

  220. Congrats- Nothing but best wishes for you and your family!

  221. Congratulations to all the family!

  222. Ciao Tilo, grützi!

  223. Congratulations Tina and welcome to Planet Earth little Tilo

  224. congrats and warm wishes – tilo stay out of the nicu!!!!

  225. Beautiful name. There will be no escaping creativity for this child! Congratulations to your family!

  226. Sending warm thoughts to you and your family. That Tilo’s going to be one kid with excellent taste!

  227. Was für ein bildschöner Junge! Alles wird gut! Herzlichst Katharina aus Berlin

  228. Tilo, stay strong and brave and fight for coming home soon. My 3 years old son was at NICU 5 weeks, he was preemy but these children from NICU are always something special.
    A lot of positive energy from Slovenia,


  229. Congratulations! Lovely name…Tilo, hope you are out of NICU soon. Sending good vibes your way.

  230. Horray – He looks BEAUTIFUL. Wonderful. Marvelous.


  231. Hi swiss miss,

    I am up in Brooklyn Heights and we were in the NICU as well for 6 weeks in Cobble Hill.
    Let me know if you need anything for the bebe.


  232. Herliche Glueckwunsh to the Swissmister, who incidentally was born in the same hospital as I, 24 years and 6 days before me. All good thoughts to you and Tilo!

  233. Härzligi Glückwünsch und vill Kraft und Energie!

  234. eeeeeeeee, congratulations and glückwünsche, tina!!

  235. Congrats, Tina!

    Definitely sending some good thoughts your way from Milwaukee, where I saw you speak!

    Also, love the name! It has the option to go “street” with “T-Lo.”


  236. congratulations! he looks very sweet and i wish you and your family health and happiness :)

  237. Grüezi Tilo! And a warm welcome to this strange, complex but loveable planet.

    Congratulations to the happy swisses.

  238. Congrats. All the best for Tilo and your family.

  239. Congratulations!

  240. As a parent of two children born premature (34 and 28 weeks) I know everything you’re going through. My prayers are with you and your family. I’m certain you will out of this a stronger family than before.

  241. Congratulations to all of you!

  242. Congrats to your family!

  243. welcome Tilo, all the best in your life.
    I send you a lot of positive vibs from switzerland .

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  245. herzliche glückwunsch und alles alles gueti für de chlini Tilo vode schwitz!!

  246. Congratulations! I love the name, my daughtr was going to be Red if she was a boy. Love it. Hope he is back in your loving arms as soon as.

    PS. I’m a tiger too and it’s grrrrrrrrrreat!

  247. Many congratulations, and welcome to the little one!

  248. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu diesem fotogenen Sohn. Ich wünsche alles Gute für Swissmister und die ganze Familie.
    Germar aus München

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  258. We are seriously touched by all the wonderful well wishes and congratulations. *Thank you*!

    We are thrilled to report that we made it home yesterday afternoon with the little man. Now we are wondering if swissmister likes our decorating style… :)

  259. Woo hoo; Congrats!

    Now go sleep or eat something…I’m sure you’re all exhausted.

    I promise your loyal readers will forgive you if you go hang out with the fam for a bit!

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    Always a miracle!

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  284. I can’t believe Toni’s post – my hometown (Varese) is on the route of that train service…….but stranger than that is that ‘Tilo’ is the slang name my parents used for my (ahem) ding-a-ling when I was little. A shortened version of ‘Pistolino’ (little pistol) apparrently. I can’t believe there’s a train service called that in Italy! Maybe it was just a one-off but be prepared if you ever go to Italy Tina!

  285. @Simon, needless to say, I just laughed out loud over here in my studio. Thank you for making me smile… ha!

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