Garage Door Photo Tarpaulins

Garage Door Photo Tarpaulins. Yep, made me smile.

(thank you jon)

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  1. Oh man, what the… Why do I want one of these even though I do not have a garage, or even a car

  2. you’ll love these stickers then ..

  3. That is so cool!!
    I have seen a few of these and i think who ever came up with this came up with a good idea.
    I am sure they will be making a lot of money off of them too.
    Some of them i think are not to good but over all they are pretty cool looking.

  4. That is an awesome thing! i need to put something like that on my garage door. Then maybe I would get more attention and I am sure that I would get a lot of attention from my neighborhood. I am sure it would give them a laugh as well since I can’t afford a BMW. This is just awesome!