Nutcase Helmets | Adult Sizes

I am officially in love with Nutcase Bike Helmets. How much fun can a helmet design be? I had NO idea! The earlier posting this morning was for kid’s sizes, these here are grown-ups! Yay!

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  1. these are amazing! My seven year old son would love one!

    Kate @ Slightly

  2. We really love this helmets. My son Keagan and my wife both have the one with the dots.

    Keagan loves that mama has the same one like him but sometimes he’s really annoyed that everybody mentions what a great helmet he has :-)

    Here is a photo of him on his beloved like-a-bike:

  3. haha, the ‘melon’ is great!

  4. Yeah, these are really nice. Not everyone who rides a bike wants to look like a racer with a streamlined, vented sport helmet.

    Nutcase has done a great job of marketing helmets to a totally different segment of the adult market. ..and now other helmet companies are really starting to follow.

  5. I love them. I have the ‘Fly Boy’ myself, and I seriously want the ‘Grafitti’ one. Love the melon, but I’m not sure I have the courage.

  6. I looked into cool design helmets like these but they don’t breathe well at all. Probably okay for a kid but a deal breaker unless you don’t mind sweating profusely.

  7. How cool! Great and simple design – I love it. That helmet will make it into my wishlist. Thanks for the post.