NYC Polaroid Project

Andrew Faris takes pictures of NYC with his Polaroid Camera. I am glad he shares them on .

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  1. Love love love this! I feel so inspired by NYC every day. If only I had the time to photograph it all.

  2. NYC is an amazing city to capture pictures!

  3. nice collection! I love the urban feel :)

  4. There are very few feelings better than the instant gratification of Polaroids.

  5. There’s something oldish persisting in any Polaroid image. This is probably why we all love them.

  6. I love New York and these polaroids are great. But there’s more great news. Two Dutch guys introduced the new Polaroid earlier this week.

  7. Very nice collection. I belive there was an article in this months Wired on Polaroids. I’ll make sure to blast this on twitter. I love the fact that you’re local (our ad agency is in NY) and you’re eye for aesthetics