Ride Rise Roar

Ride, Rise, Roar, is a David Byrne concert film by masterful Hillman Curtis that weaves intimate interviews with amazing concert footage. Hillman said he was drawn to this project initially because it involved one of his favorite musicians ever, David Byrne, and then because of the mixed genre performance concept. David had hired three New York choreographers to choreograph dances to songs, and then brought three modern dancers on the road along with a seven piece band. Hillman was interested in seeing how audiences would react to this wild combo. The result obviously was exhilarating… a real show.

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  1. I totally saw caught a show of this tour… very very good.

  2. now. now. this needs to come out now.

    some photos from the radio city show:


  3. I saw HIllman Curtis give a lecture about a year ago and it was pretty amazing.

  4. Excellent. I’ll be seeing this for sure.

  5. I’ve been hoping someone would begin to blend art forms to create opera, dance, and story pieces that would be a new exciting form of theater. David Bryne, always an artistic innovator, seems to be growing his own, as it were.

  6. Saw the show in Amsterdam, great, great, great! Can’t wait to see the film.

  7. Hillman was in way over his head. The film had to be edited by others, the botched audio recordings had to be fixed by others and the botched concert footage had to be reshot by others. Unfortunately unless you were on the inside you won’t know these facts.

  8. Not sure where Mr. Polter got his info, but the same camera and sound people were involved throughout the production, and Hillman supervised every phase of the edit.