The Heads of State – Travel Poster Series

The Heads of State just announced their Travel Poster Series. These guys are talented. Chapeau!

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  1. Oops, you’ve got one of those little pop up guys in your screen shot. Love the posters :-)

  2. Talented, yes. But they’ve obviously never been to San Francisco.

  3. I like!

    I’d love to collect the one of each city I’ve been to:)

  4. That’s so cool! I hope they do one of Los Angeles next!

  5. oooh i am loving these….i need LA and austin,tx

  6. Nice stuff. I really like have this posters in my new house :)

  7. Love them! My only critique would be the rolling green hills in the Chicago poster. Anyone’s who’s ever been to Chicago knows that there isn’t a rolling hill higher than a fire hydrant within 100 miles of Chicago. This poster should have played more with the notion of flatness, for which Chicago is known.

  8. that’s not the golden gate bridge guys. c’mon.

  9. Love these! Will immediately add them to my wish list.

  10. Just picked up New York City and San Francisco. Wonderful, fresh designs.

  11. they’re so simple, but well thought out. perfect color schemes for each one, too :)

  12. mt hood isn’t in seattle!

  13. Love the colors – the simplicity is the attraction!
    “less is more” is what this is about!

  14. WARNING. These guys truly SUCK at fulfilling orders, delivering on time, communicating with you, etc… I have been lied to that the item was shipping TWICE. A month later and I haven’t received anything. The tracking number I was given says the item hasn’t even gone out. BEWARE.