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A blog is a broadcast, not a publication. If it stops moving, it dies.
– Andrew Sullivan

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  1. Too bad the “” tag is out of style, then some blogs would NEVER stop moving :)

  2. that should be “blink tag”

  3. this reminds me of an quote i blogged a while back:

    the original article is also worth looking at, as it is an interesting look at ways to enforce (encourage?) linear narratives online in a single page format:

  4. you’ve got a double ‘a’? i’m still not sure what it means though :-( it needs to be constantly changing?

  5. Woody Allen: “Relationships are like sharks, if they don’t keep moving forward they die”

    Which is gold, Andrew Sullivan’s plagiarized hash of the quote on the other hand is just confusing dribble.

    Broadcast: Tell (something) to many people; make known.
    Publication: The action of making something widely known.

    They are one and the same, as soon as they both stop producing they are dead?

    His quote is just hollow, tech, pseudo philosophy.

  6. Very interesting statistics however i would be interested to know how many unique accounts this breaks down to, as that would dictate how many players of each faction would be on at a given time. In my guild we have a number of ¡°altaholics¡± which would skew these numbers.

  7. That’s an interesting quote that really make you think. I appreciate you posting it.

  8. This is very true. Blogs can be such a powerful tool when utilized properly, but an old outdated blog with no updates will fall quickly – especially with the newest Google algorithm changes!

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