Ampersand ID Chart

Ampersand Identification Chart is a lovely new limited edition letterpress print from Douglas Wilson. Based on the Snellen eye chart, this three colour print has been designed to keep your typographic eye keen on the details of everyone’s favorite conjunction. Each print comes with an identification key that details the names and weights of all 61 ampersands. Ampersand Identification Chart has been printed by Douglas in a signed and numbered limited edition of 110, and is available for £35 at

UPDATE: Doug just let me know that US customers can also buy a copy on his site directly.

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  1. I really like it BUT $45.00 it’s way too much.

  2. i love ampersands! this is a fantastic chart.

  3. picked up one of these for my pops who’s an optometrist. thank you so much. keep up the good work.