Designing for iPad: Reality Check

Designing for iPad: Reality Check, interesting Article over on iA

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  1. I would take that article with a pinch of salt as it misses a lot of points entirely. Whatever we may think about the visual executions of some of the examples, we are reading a quite over confident guide from a scientist on creativity that misses fun, emotion, marketing, new media etc.

    Just look at the grey and boring paper prototypes. That’ll inspire the general public. Is the author making comments on products outside his market knowledge… I would say yes.

    Apple usually starts off with more – as the author a little rudely and dismissively puts it – kitsch and then refines and tones this down once it has mind share. It is a sugar coating and it is very much considered.

    I post this comment on Swiss Miss because the readership seems to be more receptive to an appropriate blend of rational and emotional.

  2. I’m completely with Rq. The author’s observation comes across as mostly condescending and arrogant. Although I agree with him on a few design shortcomings (ie. paper stack edges on e-reader), the author seems to by and large despise the taste level of the general public who doesn’t share his high-brow design sensibility.

    The “kitschy” style can trace back to interface design in many games, both digital and non-digital. It’s unfortunate that this accomplished designer embodies such narrow viewpoints and fails to understand apple’s intention to cultivate fun and emotional connection between the device and its end user.