Swiss Railway System Mobile App

With the Switzerland SBB Mobile iPhone App you have your own personal swiss train timetable and ticket counter in your pocket. With this app you get Door-to-Door travel information, “Take me Home” function with GPS Support and it allows you to buy tickets for public transportation services via credit card. Does it get any more convenient? How cool would it be if the MTA had something similar here in NYC?!

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  1. The swiss transport system should be adapted by all the countries around the globe! I travel allot in Switzerland and find this app very very useful!


  3. It works very smoothly and it even remembers my most-travelled routes, thus creating shortcuts for buying. Wouldn’t want to travel without it any more.

  4. i wish i were in switzerland to use this app

  5. The App started as a Project from one single person and was then purchased from the SBB. So go ahead developers in NYC. Build an app and sell it to the MTA. Maybe easier to say than to do.

  6. If the MTA developed something similar here in NYC, it would go a long way to repair and raise their brand image. And oh by the way, actually be really helpful!

  7. “The App started as a Project from one single person and was then purchased from the SBB.”

    Yeah. And they fucked it up good. The App wasn’t worth much to begin with but this piece of crap right now is usability hell.

  8. Um, you’re holding your phone upside down, dude!

  9. I LOVE it! Wherever I am in Zurich or Switzerland, I can quickly look up my next bus, tram, train, ship or cable car connection and catch the next departure. I am using it now for mooonths and I would never give it away anymore!

  10. if only I had an IPhone!!!!

  11. The British one is amazing. Not cheap (£4.99) but amazing. I ind myself using it in preference to their website even when I’s sat at a computer. There’s something about paring down an application, and adding a dash of location awareness, that makes these public transport apps real winners. The London bus one’s cool too.

  12. That application has saved me a MILLION times. I seriously don’t know what I would be doing without it…

  13. I like the app. But check this app Wemlin out.
    Unfortunately it only works in Zurich.