Dinner Set by Naoto Fukusawa

Kids Dinner Set Naoto Fukusawa. You can’t start them too early with stylish dishes, no?

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  1. Stylish? This looks like the plastic tray and dishes you get on the plane.

  2. Well compared to all the kitschy kids dinnerware you can get, I find this set quite stylish. But one can’t argue over aesthetics.

  3. I love this dinnerware – no hokey kiddy patterns – simple, modern and FUN. I wish my kids were at this stage again!!!!

  4. Very stylish but I am not sure if it is possible to use it :)

  5. Minimalistic and a bit 70’s retro, still cool.

  6. Reminds me “essentiel de pâtisserie” by Matali Crasset and Pierre Hermé

  7. I’m looking for one of these sets, even used, possibly color orange but even light blue. I already contacted the producer, Driade and was told that it is out of production. Can anyone sell me one? Thank you!

  8. yeah, I’ve got one for you! There’s a small price to pay, though…