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Urban Outfitters has teamed up with Society6, an international artist community representing more than 70 countries worldwide, to bring you PRINT SHOP. Select your favorite piece and choose to have it printed as a gallery-quality art print, iPhone skin or laptop skin. Society6 will print it and ship it directly to you.

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  1. Love it. And the prices aren’t too shabby either!

  2. Its cool they open up the idea of buying prints to the masses, but Id feel some type of way buying artwork from a company thats known for stealing others intellectual property…

  3. The Society6 dudes have worked hard to ensure that the prints are super high quality and printed here in the US. I was stunned by the quality when I finally got to see one in person. I feel totally comfortable about working with them. They are 100% committed to the artists. Love em for it.

    Here’s mine:

  4. Of course, Urban Outfitters is owned by a right wing, anti-gay contributor to Rick Santorum’s campaigns. Not to mention a thief of indie designers.

    Informed buying is sad but true.

  5. have been doing this for a number of years now… they have a thriving artist community / forum, plus the ability to buy / sell prints, t-shirts, cards etc

  6. Somewhat related question: does anybody know of an online business that recently launched which will take any photo you give them a print it on a canvas? Their prints would wrap around the border of the canvas as well, and you could get your print in a few different sizes. The website had a lot of pink on it, I believe, and was super easy to use.

    Anybody know what I’m talking about? Anybody?

  7. 100% committed to the artist? No. Only 10% committed to the artist.

    Though the quality of prints are amazing, only 10% of the sale goes to the artist. That’s a lot worse than the gallery standard.

    It’s pretty great that Søciety 6 are committed to the buyer, but it’s kinda terrible that the artist gets next to nothing for each sale.

    You gotta login to read the details, but it’s here (and quite clear):

  8. Oh beardy Buchino, tough words for the Society 6 dudes. Lot’s of percentages thrown around. I’m sure you know how pricing usually works on S6. Artists set the profits, buyers pay a minimum for production, then the rest of the price is determined by artists. I’m glad folks are discussing this stuff.

  9. I know artists have to sell their soul at one point or another to survive, but to Urban Outfitters?! I hope it was done out of overwhelming desperation, cause UO is not the best company to align yourself with if you have a conscience. Tell me that it’s really some clever artist doing cutting-edge, super-effective subversion.

  10. Actually, SwissMiss, what do you think of UO?

    Being an influential and accomplished designer shouldn’t you be more careful about what you promote? I’d expect, being an accomplished design veteran, you’d think of design in larger terms of responsibility and not in a vacuum of aesthetics and commerce.