How do you pronounce “Moleskine”?

(thank you emily)

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  1. Funny, the first time I bought a Moleskine my writing partner and I argued this very same thing. We ended up emailing the company for the official pronunciation, they said it was mole (like the animal) skin (like your the stuff on your body). But like true americans we didn’t consider the other parts of the world.

  2. How do you pronounce “Eyjafjallajökull”?

  3. Moe-luh-SKEE-nuh

  4. Austin Powers: Yes, nice to mole you–meet you! Nice to meet your mole! Don’t say mole.

    Austin Powers: Moley-moley-moley-moley-moley!

  5. |ˈmōlˌskin|

  6. Molejkine (spanish with a particular accent from a little town of Alicante)

  7. An excellent example of how non-English languages treat vowels and dipthongs in a way that isn’t fully understood by native English speakers, who aren’t used to the idea of ‘pure’ vowels that are always pronounced the same.

  8. I pronunce
    – mo(of cow, or mow)
    – les (like lês, a close “e” not like “let”)
    – ki (kee)
    – ne

  9. Straight from the Moleskine website:

    “Many Moleskine users send us enquiries as to which is the correct way of pronouncing the word “Moleskine”. The answer is: there is no predetermined answer.

    Moleskine® is a brand name with undefined national identity. And that’s the way we like it. As a literary name, it was used by British travel writer Bruce Chatwin in his book “The Songlines”, referred to the little black notebooks he usually bought from a stationery store in Paris.

    Everyone should feel free to pronounce it as he/she prefers. Enjoy.”

  10. thanks for sharing that, @neuralien! very interesting factoid.

  11. I used to say “mole skin”, but now I pretend to be fancy by saying “moe-la-skeen-eh”, eh?

  12. I guess they’ve changed their story in the past 5 year since I emailed the company. Well I guess it keeps people like us talking about it.

  13. Before I watched the video I was pretty sure I knew how it should be pronounced… now I’m not so sure!

  14. I think I’m going to say it the fancy Italian way. Is that not were the company is from?

    Bu I think Bo has the right question:

    “How do you pronounce “Eyjafjallajökull”?”

    I’ve been working hard on trying to say it the correct way now for days!

  15. I have updated Wikipedia with the appropriate citation and an attempt to render the Italian version in IPA syntax.

  16. Mall

  17. try this: 6hv7c4 (@ tinyurl…)
    great video! should do this with other brands

  18. mole-sky-n (pronouncing the “skine” as if it were like “mine”)
    I used to pronounce it mole-skin, but that’s just because I didn’t notice the E at the end of the actual name.

  19. I pronounce it:
    “ridiculously over priced and over rated notebook.”