I had to research Origami folding instructions for a current client and stumbled upon this Origami Club Site and now all I want to do is fold. fold. fold.

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  1. This is great, finally something easy to follow. I still laugh though at this site – often much more what it feels like:

  2. Welcome to the Fold :-). Since you’re in NYC: Origami USA is headquartered there, and a convention is coming up in June. http://www.origami-usa.org/

  3. Origami Club is the best! Some cute things under diagrams on this site http://www.origami.art.pl/ and lots of diagrams on this one too http://www.origami.com/diagram.html

  4. awesome. great activity for elementary school students!

  5. As a designer, you might also appreciate slightly more mature origami – have a look at http://www.ericjoisel.com or http://www.mabonaorigami.com – in some ways the opposite end of the origami spectrum…

  6. A swiss-based master of origami:

  7. The animations are super helpful for the origami challenged.

  8. Not as visually exciting as the Swiss Miss find by any means, but the new packaging for Compagnie de Provence is based around origami

  9. This is great, my toddler is going to love these!

  10. http://www.yamaha-motor.co.jp/global/entertainment/papercraft/

    I love this one because it’s a use of the trends by a brand, here Yamaha, offering “creative empowerment” to its fan

  11. I’m sure that it’s not that easy with pre printed paper …

    Concerning Origimi and packaging, you can find an interesting approach here: