Walking down the hallway to my studio this morning I noticed a new studio neighbor. Their door was slightly ajar and I saw this amazing table and stool (pictured above). I walked in and introduced myself to Jim Malone, the owner and designer of Counterevolution. Jim designs furniture out of reclaimed and restored bowling alley wood. (!!!) I am all for furniture with a story and give CounterEvolution a swissmiss-thumbs up!

Welcome to 10 Jay in DUMBO, Jim!

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  1. My wife and I won one of his tables (“The Spare”) in a contest that he held a year or so ago, and it remains one of my favorites. I can tell that it’s the kind of furniture that would last forever, as opposed to most of the other stuff we have.

    He’s on the top of my list of people to purchase from when I end up somehow making a good deal of money.

  2. somehow awhile ago my dad obtained an old bowling lane. It sat in the top of his barn for a long time and then he decided to make some tabled out of it as well.

    His isn’t as fancy as this but he uses it as a large worktable in his woodshop. They come out so sturdy. Great tables.