Do you have a swissmiss story?

I am currently working on a short talk for the upcoming swissmiss birthday bash as well on a book proposal and have the following question for you:

Do you have a swissmiss story? Did I cover a product/idea/design of yours and it impacted your life? Did a post on my blog inspire you to pursue an idea/dream you had? Did a post of mine kick off a new side business that turned into your new fulltime gig? …

If you, or anyone else you know has a ‘swissmiss story’ please have them email me.

Yay Internet!

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  1. Tina,
    Sometimes it’s just the little things. Your emails make me smile every day.

  2. Do CreativeMornings count? As a generally new designer (almost 5 years experience count as new still?), I think it’s incredible to be have the kind of access to design talks and social events that you’re providing. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places for other people providing similar things, but as far as I know you’re providing a unique experience that I’m incredibly happy to have just inadvertently stumbled upon. While I don’t think my world is going to change after any of them, they always give me a monthly booster-shot of encouragement to keep doing what I’m doing.

  3. For us, swissmiss is validation that the ideas and goals we have are absolutely attainable. It seems that there are very few “design sites” that really champion the up-and-coming, scrappy young designers the way swissmiss does.

    So we thank you for that,

    Patrick & Leah

  4. We appreciate the breadth of design you cover, especially the ones that are more about the concept than the materials, and the work of fine artists. Very inspiring and reminding us that great ideas will always succeed, especially if designed well!

  5. there’s an “s” missing in swissmiss;-)

  6. Tina, you posted about my recycled creations back in 2007 and it really helped me realise I could go fulltime with my art. Thank you.
    Here’s the original post:

  7. @nadine, oh my, can you tell I am multitasking and sleep-deprived? Fixed!

  8. I think your moustache posts drove me to ask for (and receive) a Beard Head at Christmas.

    Love the great products you show us!

  9. your blog gives me a little dose of inspiration every day around the 3pm slump mark…and just when I think I have my hands full I remember that you have a business, a new-born and a 4 year old and still manage to run a world class blog…you make me feel inspired and inadequate all at the same time. I’ve been with you from almost the very start and every day since, not exactly life changing but most certainly life-enhancing every single day

  10. I regularly check your blog and it certainly inspires me. However, I was surprised at dinner tonight–when I was talking about blogs in general–to hear my 11 year-old say “I really like Swissmiss”. I didn’t even know she was paying attention to the blogs I read. There you go.

  11. I do, but it involves French food, an obscene amount of alcohol, a multi-cultural girls’ night out and SOMEone talking about a trip to Chinatown. I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for.

  12. It might not have changed my life, but it sure took me out of a tight spot. I didn’t have a clue for m y 365 finale and then:

    thanks. Not that I made it even close to the originals.

  13. I loved the opening the banana upside down video. i think about it every time I eat one.

  14. Inspired me to have the courage to start my own blog and continue looking out for good design.

  15. I absolutely love the amazing designs you tell us about. They inspire me to infuse a good measure of creativity in my work, home & life!

  16. your blog is one of my top rated blogs. it’s a Must Browse with the morning coffee, i think its simple and elegant. one of the cutest posts was the rainbow cake. it made me track down alita’s website and get the recipe & make it to my gf in her birthday. it was very nice :) .. tnx for the inspiration and congratulations on your new baby