Places in America

Created exclusively for the Royal We by Oliver Jeffers, this is a signed print of a hand painted map of America. With pins. Each print comes with 102 pins to chart your path to total American domination. 100 of the pins are orange, one of them is red and one of them is blue. Orange is for states conquered, red is for headquarters and blue is for state of origin.

Oh so analog. Oh so beautiful!

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  1. Beautiful, but its a shame they left 2 states off!

  2. I think that is what it says in white on the left. Alaska with an UP arrow, and Hawaii with a LEFT arrow.

    I have been thinking about doing something like this for awhile but with some string in there too.

    I would suggest another pin color maybe. Your list of places you MUST visit in your life. then hopefully they would slowly turn to orange.

  3. This is so awesome! Too bad AK and HI didn’t make the cut!

  4. A beautiful analog piece, but is not America. Is a map of the United States.

  5. thanks steve.

  6. Brilliant…but america is the continent, not the country…pity most U.S. citizens refer to their own country as America instead of U.S.A….Argentinians, Canadians, Mexicans…they’re American too!

  7. DAMMIT, WOMAN. Like I don’t have enough prints already. (I just ordered this.)