ID Guard Stamp

I fully agree with Alex: What a great idea! Cover up all of your private information before you throw it in the bin/recycling or even to be extra safe before you shred it with the ID Guard Stamp.

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  1. My old roommate would cut her name and address off envelopes – I’m sorry but most identity theft in this manner isn’t from people digging at the dump but rather people digging through your trash at night. They already know your address, and can just check/steal mail in your mailbox to get your name as well as a lot more information.

    For actually “important” information to hide, you’re far far better off either shredding or burning. I personally keep a bag I burn in the barbecue when it gets full.

    Moreover, one of the reviews on Amazon says the ink just wipes off even on non-shiny paper.

  2. In the UK it’s available as the ‘hIDe ID’: