Invisible Chair

This is a video of a marketing stunt that KLM did in Manchester Airport last month. It shows a guy reclining in an “invisible chair”. (There must be a metal tube going down his extended leg with an area to sit on, all hidden in his pants. Clever.)

(via likecool)

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  1. Interesting. I’m curious what’s is the trick behind this idea.

  2. Not really difficult. There is a steal frame inside his right trouser leg, which is also fixed to the floor.

  3. I bet he has a prosthetic leg that they replaced with some steel tubing with a rigid carbon harness and carbon back support molded around his torso. It seems unlikely that his foot and a steel tube could fit in that small of shoe while resisting the load the weight of his body would generate.

  4. he’s probably a war vet who lost both his legs. i noticed you never see his legs move. only his upper torso.

  5. He’s known as ‘Magic Ramana’ in Holland. Here you can see (kind of) the same trick, at the show ‘Jensen’:

  6. So simple and effective. A few years back I met Assa Ashuach, at the Royal College of Art wearing trousers that he could stand in and sit down in.

  7. somethings are just magic.

  8. More interesting than the question of “how they did it”, I found it fun and fascinating to see the reactions of the people walking through the airport, when they saw something so unexpected as this.

  9. Here’s the site of an artist who did this type of still-life performance for years: The KLM “marketing stunt” is a rip-off.

  10. Yeah, but how can it be attached to the floor if people are doing the same illusion on the streets?


  12. i want to buy invisible chair who sell them.