Kolelinia is a concept for riding bikes on a new type of bicycle-lanes, based on steel wires. Definitely made me look and chuckle.

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  1. As fun as this looks, it has disaster written all over it.

  2. ooh! fun and more than a wee bit scary…

  3. Well, first of all – it’s a concept. And second – if you saw the detailed plan, you’d know there is nothing scary about it, as it has a simple and secure safety feature. I don’t see anything disastrous, just a cool idea (and ok, well ambitious).

  4. This image does not show the complete system. There is “arm” that connects under the seat to a second, higher cable. This arm also has a “seatbelt” for the rider’s security.

    Still looks scarey.

    Another drawback would be the cable-support pylons required all throughout the city. Better than cars, I suppose.