I absolutely love the idea behind the Koo. It transforms from Bassinet to Rocker. Unfortunately it doesn’t look all that comfortable. Anyone tried it at ICFF?

(thank you Sven)

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  1. Surely you can put some cushions on it. But you’re right…that’s the first thing I thought of, ha ha. It looks so hard and plasticky. And the chair looks too deep.

  2. and what happened to the background on the picture? couldn’t they find one with a window to put in the forest background?

  3. I saw it while I was there and it is still a prototype (latches were still not complete). Looked ok — definitely needs a pillow or two.

  4. And the mother looks like she’s dealing with postpartum depression

  5. Yea..because your baby would really benefit from the dirt and bacteria you sat in all day.

  6. Seems like you are missing the point here_If you ever had a newborn in your house you would understand the benefits of this design.
    Babies are stuff magnets, the moment you get pregnant, your home is invaded with gear and bunnies. A baby bassinet is only used for the first 4-5 months, so this transformer can remain in your home as a rocker for a longer and more sustainable use.
    The top part is a flat upholstery piece that folds and latches into shape, easy to ship and manufacture. Its structure is embedded in the upholstery sandwitch under firm foam_ infants should not sleep in cushions nor tucked in an oversoft support in order to prevent SIDS_ and stain proof fabrics.

  7. Wow, impressive, I love this design!

  8. I like it! Would work well as long as the mother doesn’t come in from the public transport system and sit on it before changing clothes. It’s important to protect the baby from all sorts of germs when they are still that little.

  9. Well you should wash up after using public transportation anyway, huh? Seems like a nit pick problem if you ask me.

  10. Yes it does sound nit picky. But out here, you’d be surprised how many first time mothers think washing their hands would be enough :)

  11. Good idea, but the design does not seem entirely comfortable….

  12. love the concept, but I agree. Looks hard and flat.