Tattoo Meter

Tattoo Meter by Eduardo Alessi. Made me look. (And no, I’d personally never get a tattoo myself!)

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  1. Nice one. But it may get vague in some years ,-)

  2. Funny for a second, sad for a lifetime.

  3. I’ve seen a similar design by droog design in one of my classes in architecture: the difference was that droog made the tatto on the finger, so that you always had a tool to measure whatever you wanted. I tried to google it, but with no success :(

    Droog Design are incredible

  4. This looks far too precise to be a real tattoo.

  5. I agree with Mark. This looks to be a transfer of some sort.

  6. looks like a psd layer

  7. Agreeing with others who say this is fake—it would be really, really, REALLY hard for even the most talented tattoo artist to be that accurate. Skin is not like paper.

  8. I really don’t want to know what he measures with that!

  9. I would say it’s a fake. It doesn’t look right at all. The coloring looks wrong and the arm hair etc.

    None the less it is an interesting concept, although as you age it would become a US ruler instead of a metric.

    @Rob – awesome tattoo

    I have a star on my left hand and have been toying around with the idea of finishing it into a constellation. One because astronomy is awesome and two to go along with my blog. I wanted to get the big dipper and have it point with my index finger, like the dipper points to the north star, but the positioning would be bad.

  10. can’t believe anyone thought this was real.