Toothbrushing Timer

This toothbrushing timer made me look and smile. Will pull it up tonight when brushing teeth with our little Ella Joy!

(thank you Rán)

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  1. Shame it’s in Flash, or you’d be able to pull it up on your iPhone instead of lugging your computer into the bathroom.

  2. I was thinking the same thing tonight when I tried to pull it up on my iPad. #ugh

  3. i’m working on it!

  4. We couldn’t resist!

    Now iPhone and iPad ready –

    (progressively enhanced by *

    1. This is an appropriation (with all due respect) of the original concept by Ran Flygenring
    2. The use of the sound FX were not possible in this appropriation. A flashing effect indicates your fangs are suitably clean.
    3. iPad’s are still in transit to the land of down under, ergo testing of this appropriation on the iPad was not possible.