Where cursors come from

Where Cursors Come From made me smile. I am so glad I finally have a good explanation for little Ella Joy.

(via fab bblinks)

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  1. ha, that is so cute :)

  2. This gave me a giggle – thanks for posting!

  3. Interesting. Makes me think where the small hands come from.

  4. Oh No! Stop the decursorestation!

  5. Nice. But technically, those are mouse pointers. Tell your kids cursors are where words come from.

  6. @ Smivey: Technically, mouse pointers are called cats…

  7. Made me smile too! Adorable!

  8. Thanks for the smile on this rainy Monday!

  9. And Windows cursors are cut in winter time, makes sense.

  10. Very cute!

  11. hahaa this is too cute!!

  12. clever! kinda reminds me of a jason munn poster.

  13. more cursors more computers more deforestation?

  14. Very clever. I like the little dude

  15. is this a t-shirt? I’d buy one!

  16. AWESOME! thank you!!!! I’m on it…

  17. and, I just posted the link on my FB hopefully you’ll get some other orders as well :) thanks again!

  18. Thanks so much, Tina!

    Shirt.woot extended the sale of “Where Cursors Come From” into the next week here:


    I appreciate the big shout out!


  19. Its so Cute

  20. “more cursors more computers more deforestation?”

  21. I should have thought about that at least once before, but no, I had to see it here. cool anyhow!

  22. big fan of this one!

  23. Is my cursor an albino, or just painted white?

  24. These made my day hehe.

    My cursor is red aaaaah!

  25. Thats Cute
    Lolz save the trees

  26. Made me smile too! Adorable!

  27. nice post..
    I like your website

  28. wow. very good
    I need to use !

  29. hahaha…it’s pretty cool mouse :lol

  30. Cursors? Why, sure! Just head on up past Capslock Road and take a right into the Pixeljack Forest. Nathan W. Pyle, you’re a mad genius.

  31. i need more artivle from you :)

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  34. Windows cursors are cut in winter time, makes sense… AWESOME

  35. You would think, teens having acne makes sense because their bodies are going through a lot of changes. But, as an adult.. I just don’t get why mine don’t go away.

  36. Cool and interesting list. Barbie dumped Ken? I didn´t know that! :)