My lovely studio mate Chesley (of Dossier Studio) and her boyfriend Nathaniel (of Culturegraphic) are packing boxes for their upcoming move to Stockholm. While I am excited for them I am sad to see Chesley say goodbye to swissmiss studio. Boo!

Being total web-ninjas, Chesley and Nathaniel set up a blog ( on which they are currently selling lots and lots of stuff. Need an Apple Cinema Display? A BMX Frame? Crutches or a WOK? Head over to their shop.

While Nathaniel will be busy attending HyperIsland, Chesley will be continuing doing webmagic. If you know of a Stockholm based collaborative workspace like our studio612a, send Chesley a note! She’ll be looking to find a desk sometime starting july.

Live in Stockholm and feel like making friends with two awesome Brooklynites? Then hurry and Get in touch with them. Stockholm is one lucky city!

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  1. I live in Stockholm and the suburbs. They probably find the place lovely.