Tired of selling your products on someone else’s platform and your visitors leaving your site? Have you been toying with the idea of adding a shop to your website but then never got around to do it as the endeavour seems too daunting? Yup? Same here.

Well, I have come across a fantastic new service called Wazala which lets you add a “store” button to your blog or website, and your store will simply pop-up over your content — no more sending your customers elsewhere to make a purchase. Wazala functions as a part of your existing site. An elegant overlay will dim the background and light up the store to allow for a compatible look with your existing site design.

With Wazala you can sell hard goods and digital products. You can sell pictures, designs or music. You can even define different digital downloads for different product options. e.g. Hi Res, Low Res.

If you need to track inventory you can with Wazala’s simple and straight forward inventory management options. They can also alert you when you are getting low on certain products.

They really thought of everything as you can also create coupons for store wide, category or specific product use. Set expiration dates or limit number of uses. Its your call.

Wazala is integrated with Paypal and Google Checkout the two most widely used payment platforms for accepting credit cards and online payment for stores and ecommerce platforms.

Ready to try it out?
Wazala is currently in private beta. Use “BVF8KHC4QN” and it will allow you to sign up to any of the packages offered online during the closed beta.

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  1. Is there anything you can’t help me with? This is awesome.

  2. i love your posts swissmiss!!! always an inspiration.

  3. Excellent. We just got a new client who needs a shop, we were gonna have to subcontract the coding for it, but this looks like a good option.

  4. I have just created my account with Vendr, can’t wait to start selling!

  5. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. This is great! I am signed up! NachosNY.Vendr.com!

  7. Thanx for the code. I’ll try it out. I wish I had this about 1 year ago.

  8. Awesome!
    Thanks for the code!
    I can’t wait to try it out.

  9. Checkout http://vendder.com/ for same service, no private betas or codes.

    — MV

  10. Such a similar name on such similar stuff

  11. We’ve been using Vendr for two weeks, and it has continuously dropped orders. The service isn’t ready for a Beta release. Beta means, to me, small quirks and potential glitches rather than complete failure to perform the assigned task. I hope others have had better luck, but if you use this please be aware that this has happened. If I did not have loyal customers who notified me _outside of Vendr_, I would have no way of knowing that these orders did not go through.

  12. Ross, we got your email earlier today on the recurrence of this issue. We believe it was resolved, but we are sorry you are still experiencing trouble. We can only help resolve this if you would answer our last email with more details on the problem. Your feedback while we are in private beta is crucial to make sure Vendr is bug free before we go live. We are very diligent on resolving any problem, please help us make Vendr a great product that you can trust.

  13. sounds good! quick and easy huh, must be drawbacks though!