Blackboard Brooch

A simple idea with stacks of personality, these speech bubble brooches are awesome! Make the statement you want to make, then rub it out and start again. Chalk one up for this emerging young designer from Sydney, Zoe Brand.

This could be a fantastic new way of doing my Icrebreakertags during my CreativeMornings.

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  1. Cute idea, but WAY too expensive, especially considering it’s just blackboard paint and not the real thing (says the product description on the linked page.)

  2. $105??

  3. Wow, I didn’t look at the price tag. (nearly faint)

  4. Many good ideas, but also something that stays with the idea

  5. Yeah, but you get a piece of chalk with it!
    People that buy this should also get a psychological examination.

  6. Hi Matt, its not JUST blackboard paint but a beautifully handcrafted piece made aluminium so that it is light and sits beautifully on your clothes and the pin mechanism design and execution is awesome!

  7. lovely brooch. very clever

  8. This concept is amazing and way more than just blackboard paint. Every single beautifully designed piece in the world is just a combination of materials put together in a way by a very talented person to create something that is different, something that stands out.
    The beauty about this brooch is that it challenges you to think about what jewellery means to the wearer. It is moody and personalised and just brilliant in my opinion.
    Please remember Matt that you can always go and buy a cheap brooch at the local department store and try and take pride in it resting on your coat lapel….but I doubt it will last the distance, I doubt it will look as good, and I doubt it will catch the eye of passers by who look on, their eyes green with jealousy.
    I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these, it may need to be a bit bigger as I do have a habit of being a bit wordy…..

  9. Victoria, you would pay over a hundred dollars for this???????
    No matter who made it, no matter how lovingly, no mattert what kind of aluminum is used, it is not worth that much hard earned cash. Clever it is, very original, granted, but still not worth that much.

  10. Anybody who thinks this is not worth the money has absolutely no appreciation of the worth of an artist’s time. Do people really think that ideas like this come along at the drop of a hat? Creative genius is rare, precious and worth every cent… and Zoe, I want one!!!

  11. Oh I’d do never pay $120 for this brooch. Not in a blue moon.
    An original design, handcrafted in limited numbers by….um…Zoe Brand???
    Who is this Crafty Lady???!
    I’d pay $170.
    And anyone who wouldn’t is a chump and can buy their mass produced brooches at kmart yo.

  12. *SSssoooo never. Word up – “do never” came out because, ah, I already bought one!