Calligraphy Address Stamps

Absolutely stunning: Calligraphy Address Stamps. #Wishlisted!

(via @pawlingprint)

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  1. Now this is an address stamp I wouldn’t mind using!

  2. very cool ! I love seeing old stuff like this come back!

  3. oh wow ditto on the first comment. love this!

  4. hopefully it’s usable from a return address standpoint. i’ve used handwriting on mail that has actually been mailed back to me because it was too “scripty” for the post office to read.

    it is gorgeous though.

  5. I’ve just stumbled across your blog and think it’s very cool! I wasn’t sure what to comment on as there’s so many amazing things but do love these stamps very much!

  6. It is beautiful, but the Post Office probably wouldn’t like it. They much prefer neat printing over handwriting.

  7. justamente lo que yo esperaba…practico, original y bonito..

  8. Interesting idea, would be a good thing if I would write letters….

  9. el producto me parece muy atractivo. Espero que tengan e’xito en sus proyectos. Son buenos creativos. Cordiales saludos.

  10. It’s a must have. Thanks for the post I’ll be putting my order in today.

  11. Thank you so much for the link love Tina!

  12. these are making a splash this week. this is the 3rd blog i have seen them on… but i know why- they are adorable!

  13. I would love to know what that font it called. You know what is SO WEIRD. I looked at Tradera last night and there was a girl that sold stuff she made herself. Small things to put on the wall with very nice texts on them. And I loved her handwriting and I said to mom I think it’s her own handwriting and mom was like ‘no, it’s fake, its like a font’. And now I see this HAHA… it’s the same as her handwriting, so it was a font :D

  14. ummm, that is so not a font. it is her calligraphy.