Ok, so are you ready for this? There’s a farm in Hemishofen Switzerland that let’s you ride on cows. Yep. For real. We are talking about the beautiful swiss-brown-fluffy-ear-haired cows.

Trekking tours last half a day, so you have enough time to really bond with your cow. If 4h seems too much, there’s also a short-bonding version of 1.5h.

I can’t stop smiling and looking at my calendar, trying to find a date to schedule one of these in july when this family will be spending some time in good old Switzerland!

(via HowdyHeidi)

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  1. Oh, cool!
    Mini Eltärä läbäd därt grad um dä Eggä… und ich han au nur 1/2 Stund dört anä… aber ich mues zerscht än Blog us NYC läsä um z’erfahrä was bi üs diheimä abgoot…
    Merci für d’Info!

  2. I love cows and would love to bond with one. Of course I’d really like to go back to Switzerland soon!

  3. For all my readers, the first comment by Cat made me smile, she wrote in swiss german and said: “OH cool, My parents live just around the corner from this farm, and it only takes me 1/2 hour to get there. Funny enough I need to read a blog written by someone living in NYC to tell me what’s going on around the corner from my house. Thank you!”

  4. And when you come back a year later they are the lunch???

  5. that made me smile too!! my parents life right there too and i never heard about it! howdyheidi ist fabulous! thank you swissmiss!

  6. But… I don’t think cows are very comfortable to sit on?

  7. @Annina, maybe the two of us should go and explore the region ;-)))

  8. … oh and btw : I like your Kinderwagenschilder!

  9. @cat: yeah! let’s explore the region together!! write me an e-mail, this would be so funny! ;) and thank you for the compliment ;)

  10. I rode a horse, a donkey, a bull, even a goat when I was little, but a cow never. Can’t be worse than the bull though. :D

  11. @annina, han dir gschribä, uf dinärä homepage… Grüessli K.

  12. Cow-loving Lucas would totally be into this!