Tree Servings

I agree with BB: How cute are these?? These tiny trees by Stéphanie Marin appear to just be prototypes. I hope they go into production. I’d LOVE one.

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  1. Reminds me of this from my childhood- I loved it when I would visit my Grandmas for Christmas.

  2. Hats off to you. Very cute design :)

  3. wow, that#s stupid

  4. so cute!!

  5. I just want one of them on my table :)

  6. Love it! Perfect conversation pieces for little dinner parties. Wish they sold them online.

  7. Very cool! I could imagine putting all kinds of foods on there to encourage kids to try new foods!

  8. love these! you have a great blog, i found you today. stop by and say hello sometime:


  9. When I saw this on the bloomize blog, I was thinking about making something similar and now after seeing it here I think perhaps I could modify my mug holder!

  10. In north Brazil you can buy sugarcane pieces on trees like these, since ever!!! it used to be one of my favourite vacations snacks, sugar trees!!!

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