Project Thirty Three

ProjectThirtyThree is a blog dedicated to vintage record jackets that convey their message with simple shapes. Fantastic!

(via @SkinnyShips)

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  1. What a beautiful site! Here’s proof that creativity existed long before Photoshop.

  2. These are very nice! : )

  3. Been collecting Command Records stuff for a while. If you get a chance, *listen* to “Bongos, Flutes & Guitars”. It’s amazing.

  4. very cool! just checkin out your page and i saw the persuasive percussion vynil! i bought it in a random shop in Montevideo, Uruguay where i leave, and i said to my self with this cover design and the title must be a great album and defeneltly it is! hihi how small the world is no? cheers!!!


  5. I have that Bongos/Flutes/Guitars album, it is really good too!

  6. ffffff thats amazing !!! plz enjoy them for me good vibes!!

  7. I’m out of league here. Too much brain power on dipasly!