Cutter Stool & Wardrobe

Here’s a minimal solution for a wardrobe in a tight entrance area: Cutter Stool & Wardrobe.

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  1. minimal!? very clumsy. and the details … no comment.

  2. You can’t make a comment and then state “no comment.”

  3. This “wardrobe” looks more like a hamper.

    I thought a wardrobe was a piece of furniture you can hang clothes .
    Also, a wardrobe can be closed with doors or at least zipped up.

  4. I was expecting a wardrobe (the kind you put clothes in) and a stool to put your clutter on. Go figure. This piece looks interesting, but is too big for my tiny entry hall. I’m limited to 11″ deep (and that’s with the door not totally open) and the width would be determined by how far we want the front door to open and how far a piece could extend past the end of the wall and still be tolerable.

  5. It’s two pieces: The wardrobe – pictured above – and the “hamper”-type storage. A little meh for my tastes, too, and still would take up too much floor space in my narrow, narrow hallway.

  6. So clever, attractive and minimalistic!