rotating wardrobe

As it looks as this family might be moving sometime in the fall, I am on the look-out for cool apartment ideas. This rotating wardrobe made me almost fall off my chair.

(thank you Pedro)

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  2. Nice. But I think parents of boys over the age of three will be staying clear of this design. Looks like you could generate some real speed with that baby! And that gap with the wall looks great for capturing limbs. :-)

  3. It seems dangerous…what if someone was on the other side of the spinning wall!


  5. sharp corner on the door that opens to the little loft (perhaps a little garage type roll up door would work)

    i also can imagine a kid getting squeezed or pinched in the revolving door— better if there was more clearance in the hallway…. not so tight with the other wall

    when I was a kid, my friend had a round revolving coat closet. and we could climb inside the little cocoon and spin slowly.

    i was hoping that the revolving wardrobe would be winter clothes on one side …… summer on the other……. that would be very useful to me

  6. @rebecca ….i too thought id see summer/winter (we don’t have that in CA. but woulda been nice.

    i too fear it being dangerous for kiddos. Needs a lock or something.