Jura Chrome Toaster

The Swiss Jura Chrome Toaster is one of the items I regret having given away when I moved to NYC. It’s a beauty of a toaster. I love its analog on/off button and that you have to move the handle down to flip the toaster.

(via Annabelle)

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  1. You can have mine. I dream of exchanging it against a real modern toaster that would not burn all my bread…:-)

  2. what a gem and how little room it would take on a NYC counter top. I want one!

  3. My parents were given one of those for their wedding 44 years ago – and it’s still working today… marriage and toaster that is.

  4. unfortunately, i bought one last week for our house in switzerland, and the only one/off switch wouldn’t work! some quality for CHF 89…..

  5. where can I buy this toaster in the US???

  6. oder chunnt mer das nume i de schwiiz ueber???

  7. oder chunnt mer das nume i de schwiiz ueber ?

  8. The problem of the switch is the bad quality of the plastic slider, it burns out because the contact heats up. I can send a photo of the failure.