This is not Brooklyn

swissmiss family is spending july on the swiss country side. We are waking up to cowbells. I kid you not. We are so amazed by our audio surroundings that G and I spent a good portion of the morning not only staring at our view (above) but also recording the cowbell-moo-sound (thank you iPhone). Here, please enjoy, our 24/7 soundtrack to our vacation! Yay Switzerland! And pardon my slower pace in posting in the coming 3 weeks.

Link to our recorded cowbell-background-music.

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  1. Glad to learn that somewhere, there is still grass. Like, real one :)

  2. i like! enjoy your vacation! you have defenitely earned it!

  3. Maybe you went back in time to ol’ Breuklen.

  4. Looks so serene!! Enjoy!
    Lived the cowbells sounds…

  5. Looks so serene!! Enjoy!
    Loved the cowbells sounds…

  6. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Donnerstag geht es auch für mich in die Schweiz nach St.Gallen!!

    Mal mit unserem Justus den Uropa besuchen. Der mit 103 Jahren noch alleine wohnt.

  9. ooo makes me homesick! Give a :-* to CH for me!

  10. what a view !

    where are you in switzerland ??

  11. Gorgeous view! You remind me that I really must leave the city more and get into the countryside for some more hikes! Enjoy your holiday!

  12. willkommen daheim – geniesst das schöne sommerwetter!

  13. Can’t wait for my weekend in “Heidiland” beginning of August! Walking by a herd of cows makes you wonder if they are deaf already – its unbelievably loud…

  14. In Toronto the street-cars still have bells, why private cars have horns is bizarre. Bicycles used to have bells instead of whistles.

    Sounds and psychology ….

  15. Bon voyage Swissmiss family! ;)
    It is always good to get back to the natural environment and recharge

  16. mehr kuh gibts auch zu kaufen:

    ich selber lasse das g’lüüt gerne laufen, um meine drei buben in den schlummer zu bringen – es ist erstaunlich, welch beruhigende wirkung das geläut haben kann.

    chom loobeli chom sza sza sza!


  17. youtube should replace their vuvuzela button with a cows and bells button

  18. Sweet sound!! Made me a little home sick too. Enjoy your vacations Tina!

  19. Those images remember me on my own holidays in AI two months ago. Looks like the perfect summer holiday to me. Enjoy it.

  20. After living just north of Basel, Switzerland for the past 24 years my wife and I are moving back to America. This is a post I will revisit when I got homesick for Switzerland and Germany. Thank you so much for posting it.

  21. Hahaha, the exact opposite applies to me at moment (as you know already). See you later in Brooklyn…

  22. i wish I were in one of those little houses right now. So greeeen!

  23. Looks amazing! I bet you’re also indulging in good chocolate and cheese, right? Enjoy your vacation

  24. I love the photos and the sound of cow bells is just fantastic. How I miss ‘beautiful’ Switzerland. I so hope to go back again some day.

  25. Nice bells…love photos!

  26. I’m about to spend a week in Switzerland this August. I had to add it to my Europe plans since you always post pictures like this of your summer Switzerland visits. I couldn’t resist the open countryside and beautiful views!

  27. wöllkomm daheeme!

  28. Thank you for that post, it was lovely and serene.

  29. That’s just wonderful, both sound and pictures. Hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable time!

  30. I don’t get it. Did those cows remove their styrofoam and saranwrap packaging for the day?

  31. I don’t understand. Did those cows remove their styrofoam and saran wrap packaging for the day? Odd.

  32. wonderful view. tnx for posting it.. feels like home.

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