For the month of july I will be broadcasting from Switzerland which means I’ll be indulging in way too much Zopf. (pictured above) Zopf is a traditional swiss sunday bread, usually found twisted or plaited.

Zopf Recipy German / English (ther german link has instructions on how to get the Zopf into its typical shape)

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  1. Schöne Erinngerungen aus der Kindheit. Meine Mutter hat den Sonntags auch oft gemacht (kann mich sogar noch sehr genau daran erinnern als wir in Büsingen in der Schweiz gewohnt haben :- ) )

  2. You lucky Swiss girl! I will longingly look at your posts while you’re away…and enjoy your holiday through your photos…! Have a wonderful time – it looks like you are thus far!

  3. Whats the difference between Zopf and Challah?

  4. oh ja, ich freu mich auf FReitag, dann gibt es wieder frischen Zopf :)

    Schweitz ich komme

  5. …difference between Zopf and Challah?

    Clearly it’s missing poppy seeds. :O

  6. Zopf is dense and insanely buttery. Challah is fluffy. At least from my experience. Sorry to say that Challah doesn’t even come close…

  7. Bei uns in Österreich heißt das Striezel :) Herrlich!

  8. Yummy! with a thick layer of butter!

  9. nothing better than a fresh baked zopf. prefer it still slightly warm with butter and jam. yummie!

  10. @gp and @swissmiss: a challah is parve, meaning without milk, butter or cream, as mostly a shabbat-dinner is with meat.
    beeing swiss and jewish both my challah and zopf are veryvery yummy, but i admit the zopf is more buttery and we swiss love butter.
    but then again coming straight from the oven it doesn’t realy matter, they are both sinfully delicious – and i don’t care if they are going straight to my hips!

  11. Zopf is only eaten on Sunday then?

  12. @nate: most commonly > the hip-issue…

  13. oooh let the challah/zopf debate begin ! :) i grew up with challah and now get my challah-fix with zopf. and while similarities do exist (both are great for french toast), they are not really one and the same. i agree with you swissmiss, challah is more airy, while zopf – as nadia concurs, is all about the butter. fluffy eggy challah vs. buttery zopf. mmm to both.

    here’s another recipe if your readers want to try making zopf at home – with video too: http://www.freshattitude.laughinglemon.ch/post/How-to-Make-Zopf.aspx

  14. @kerrin: actually my favourit zopf is probably a “chopf” or would that be a “zollah”? anyhow, kind of a mixture: challah-ingredients, no milk, one egg, but melted butter instead of the oil. is not as heavy as zopf but still yummy-buttery in taste : )

  15. Zopf is quite possibly the best thing in the world, along with wine and Run D.M.C.

  16. I would have to agree with Andre on all three points!

  17. Looks like Challah to me.

  18. mmm….me wants bread!!! :P